Zeem Launches First Transportation Depot as a Commercial Electric Vehicle Service

Fleet electrification provider Zeem Solutions has opened its first commercial electric vehicle transportation depot as a service in Inglewood, California near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The depot, a hub for zero-emission vehicle services, is the largest commercial electric vehicle charging facility in the United States that supports medium and heavy-duty electric vehicle fleets.

The Los Angeles-area depot is the first in a series that Zeem plans to build across the United States to enable owners of medium and heavy fleets to electrify. Zeem owns and maintains electric trucks, vans, shuttles and other vehicles that are leased to companies who pay a monthly lease to use the vehicles.

Zeem works with local utilities and renewable energy providers to ensure vehicles are charged with clean, reliable and inexpensive energy. Customers have access to the vehicles, plus daily charging and parking at conveniently located depots that Zeem builds and operates for a monthly lease that costs less than owning and operating a gasoline or diesel fleet.

Zeem’s LAX Electric Fleet Depot has 77 fast-charging ports, 53 Level 2 chargers, a comfortable lounge where drivers can rest and recharge between routes, and the ability to charge and store more than 200 medium and heavy vehicles on site and supports hundreds more for opportunity billing.

Zeem’s Inglewood Depot

Fleets currently operating from the LAX depot in Zeem include tour buses, airport shuttles, vans and last-mile delivery trucks, third-party logistics, mobility services, ride-sharing and drayage operations.

In addition to services for monthly subscribers, Zeem offers a charging opportunity for high-mileage fleets for last-mile delivery and ride-sharing services that need a place to charge their vehicles.

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