Wright County requests 2 speed studies from Minnesota Department of Transportation

May 26, 2021

Often times when there are road construction projects in or around cities, local authorities will often ask the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to obtain the appropriate speed limits posted on newly constructed roads.

There are two speed studies that Wright County is asking the MnDOT to complete – one for Co. Rd. 118 from CSAH 37 in the Township of Monticello North to the School Boulevard / CSAH 18 / CR 118 roundabout in the town of. Monticello and CSAH 39 from CSAH 19 to Highway 101 in Otsego. Both roads are being rebuilt this summer.

Project CSAH 39 is posted at 55 miles per hour until it enters the town of Otsego and drops to 50 miles per hour once it arrives within city limits near Odean Avenue . Wright County Road Engineer Virgil Hawkins said the part of town could reduce the speed limit to 45 miles per hour when the traffic survey is complete. Rope. 118 is currently at 55 miles per hour in the township of Monticello and, once it arrives in the town of Monticello, the speed drops to 45 miles per hour. Wright County got back on the road in 2019 (formerly Fenning Avenue) and, with reconstruction coming this year, the plan is to be on the MnDOT’s list of roads requiring a speed study. Since the MnDOT conducts speed studies statewide, there is a list of projects that have already submitted applications that lie ahead of Wright County – a backlog that can take up to a year to get in. top of the list. By submitting the projects now, it is expected that the speed study will be conducted in the spring of 2022.

Wright County Road Engineer Virgil Hawkins said such studies are not unusual and often call for a speed limit to be equal to or lower than what is currently posted.

“When we get requests from cities, it’s usually asking for the speed limit to be lowered,” Hawkins said. “If a speed limit is posted at 45 miles per hour, people will say everyone is 50 or 55, so it should be lowered. Often times that makes more offenders because they’ve been used to driving. in a higher speed. When you are in townships on county roads or highways, the speed limit is usually 55 miles per hour and these rarely change. “

The Wright County Council of Commissioners voted unanimously to allow Hawkins to apply for studies for CSAH 39 and Co. Rd 118.

This press release was prepared by the Wright County government. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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