Where’s the engine? What happens when you take your EV for a service

The reaction to our story the other day about Doug and his Hyundai Ioniq, and the $ 40 bill his mechanic sent him for “oil” for his electric vehicle, got me thinking.

So, as an experiment, I imagined that I had brought my standard Tesla Model 3 plus range to a regular garage and requested service. Just to see what’s going on.

Here is the (imaginary) invoice:

Invoice number 00531

Dinosaur burner garage, bedrock

Car maintained by: Fredrick Stoneflint – Chief Engineer

Maintenance – 60,000 km Tesla Model 3 SR + EWE 420 license plate

  1. Perform a full check of the Global Diagnostic System (GDS)
  2. Inspect the terminals and the condition of the battery – 12V

[Mechanic reports that there appears to be a larger battery to which he was unable to gain access, suggest that this be checked as a matter of urgency]

  1. Inspect disc brakes and pads

[Mechanic reports suspiciously little wear, discuss driving habits with customer]

  1. Inspect the front suspension ball joints
  2. Inspect the operation of lights, indicators, etc.
  3. Fill up with flashing fluid
  4. Inspect tires, including pressure and tread wear

[ Mechanic reports excessive wear on back tyres – possibly due to launch syndrome]

  1. Lubricate the door, trunk, hood hinges and latches, and brake calipers
  2. Air conditioner oil change
  3. Oil disposal fee according to environmental protection standards $ 40

Customer inquiries

  1. Unblock the glove box
  2. Inspect and adjust the volume control – reports of teens unable to turn down karaoke.

Urgent Action – Mechanic unable to find engine, exhaust, gas tank and many other essential parts etc. These should be installed immediately to avoid voiding the warranty.

Total: $ 180 – cash / credit / karaoke

David Waterworth is a retired researcher and writer, a teacher who divides his time between caring for his grandchildren and trying to make sure they have a planet to live on. He owns 50 Tesla shares.

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