What is devotion in Magic: The Gathering?

The five colors of Magic: The Gathering serve many purposes, and with the introduction of devotion into the whole Theros, Wizards of the Coast added another layer to their significance.

The God-themed set that was released in 2013 included cards with the mechanic that made Devotion a “numerical value a player has, equal to the number of mana symbols of a certain color among the costs. mana from permanents that player controls “. For example, if you have a creature that costs one red mana and an enchantment that costs two red mana, your devotion to red would be three.

Cards that include Devotion as a mechanic will specifically state which colors they require Devotion. In Theros, all Devotion cards were tied to a specific color, but in later expansions, wizards added cards that might require multi-color devotion.

To add Devotion to multiple colors, you can add each mana symbol on your permanents that has either color. Multi-color devotion does not require hybrid mana costs.

“The dedication of a player to [color] is equal to the number of mana symbols of that color among the mana costs of permanents that player controls, ”the rules state. “The dedication of a player to [color 1] and [color 2] is equal to the number of mana symbols among the mana costs of permanents that player controls that are [color 1], [color 2], or both colors.

The devotional cards were last printed in Modern horizons 2, and there are currently 58 cards that use mechanics.

Black and green are the most represented colors that use mechanics. Mono-black devotional cards make up over 20 percent of printed cards and mono-green is 19 percent.

Mono-Red is the least represented card when it comes to Devotion. There are only five Mono-Red Devotion cards. There are only one or two Devotion cards for each two-tone pair.

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