What Happens When You Enter A State Of Burnout In Street Fighter 6 And Why You Should Avoid It At All Costs

Street Fighter 6’s gameplay will be heavily based on its central mechanic, the Drive System, which asks players to effectively balance the use of their precious Drive meter for offensive and defensive maneuvers. Spend (or lose) a little too much of your Drive meter, however, and you’ll find your character “exhausted”, a status you absolutely don’t want to be in.

How exactly does burnout work and how does it change the flow of the fight? We’ll give you a quick crash course in mechanics, because knowing how to dodge and how to get your opponent into that state will be absolutely essential to success in Street Fighter 6.

Everyone starts every round of SF6 with a full 6 bar practice gauge. Using any of the five Drive mechanics (Impact, OverDrive, Parry, Reversal, or Rush) will cost different amounts of this gauge, though getting successful parries, counter-hits, and punished hits will help with it. restore.

Instead of taking chip damage to your health bar, block attacks in SF6 chips to your Drive gauge. In fact, most interactions in this game see a Drive meter swing as one character often gains a meter while the other loses it.

Spend a little too much, get punished/stuffed on startup a little too often, or block so many attacks in a row that your drive gauge completely depletes and you go into exhaustion. This essentially puts you on your back foot, giving your opponent massive advantages. Additionally, being hit by a level 3 Super also drains your Drive.

Luke spends the last of his Drive gauge on an EX move, putting him into burnout

Obviously, when you’re exhausted, you lose access to all Drive maneuvers. That means no EX move, no parry, no impact… to quote good old Jim Ross, you’ll be about as effective as a one-legged man in a kicking contest. ass foot.

Not only do you have to deal with an enemy who has access to the game’s core mechanic when you don’t, but your character will experience reduced speed, reduced damage, and reduced defense stats (which, we’re guessing, means you will take slightly more damage if/when you are hit).

The bad news doesn’t end there, however, as characters can actually be knocked out while in burnout. If you get hit by a Drive Impact (you can’t parry while exhausted and this attack can’t be blocked) near the corner while your Drive meter is empty, you will be stunned and your opponent will be able to perform any combo. they wish.

Chun-Li is able to more easily drive Impact Luke, who cannot parry or knock back Impact to counter it. If it had been around, Luke would have been stunned.

Finally, since you no longer have a Drive meter to chip while you’re Exhausted, you can actually get knocked out of chip damage while in this state.

Luke is able to KO Chun-Li with his Super only because his Drive meter is completely gone

With the fear of being so heavily nerfed and put at such a disadvantage, Street Fighter 6 players will be forced to constantly keep their Drive resources in mind as they execute offensive and defensive tactics.

That’s not to say you’ll automatically lose if you end up depleted, as you can still recover if you survive long enough (it seems like it takes around 17 seconds for your drive gauge to return after being depleted, though you can speed up this process by landing hits) but avoiding it altogether most often seems like the best approach.

Let us know what you think of this cool mechanic so far in the comments. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out how the devs actually slipped Easter eggs into SF6 when characters wear out as their stances change slightly to resemble those in other SF6 titles. street fighter.

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