Warzone YouTuber requests removal of “pseudo aimbot” editing mechanic

The engine of Call of Duty: Warzone is loved by many, but a YouTuber is really sick of a mechanic. With a simple demonstration, ‘BurterSpeed’ showed why the edit is too powerful and shouldn’t be part of it.

As doorsThe mount was one of the most controversial mechanics in Modern Warfare 2019. Rather than managing your weapon’s recoil with just your hands, it lets you use surfaces for additional control.

But the problem, according to BurterSpeed, is how much easier the guns become once mounted. And, in a detailed video outlining the small changes needed in Warzone, his argument against editing was as clear as any.

A player with over 820 hours in Verdansk, Burter calls the montage a “pseudo aimbot” and shows how OP is this. In light of this example, he wants it deleted or nerfed when Vanguard integration is taking place.

Proof that the Warzone assembly is mastered

(For mobile users, the segment starts at 10:18.)

Burter begins by talking about the mechanic’s job and prepares to show what is wrong. Confidently, he professes that “explaining why editing is really stupid is quite easy.”

And, in quick succession, he normally compares the recoil model of the MG82 LMG with high recoil to how it looks when mounted. The proof turns out to be fairly easy, as the weapon’s recoil flies upwards in the first case and slowly rises in the second.

Warzone unmounted recoil vs mounted recoil

YouTube, BurterSpeed

A comparison between the unmounted and mounted recoil models of the MG82.

As you can see, the recoil models differ greatly. And that leads Burter to call the setup a “pseudo aimbot”, given a “50% reduction” in vertical recoil. To put that in context, even the most useful weapon attachments offer less than 30% vertical recoil control (even sacrificing other traits).

In addition, Warzone players (and even developers) often make fun of campers. But, despite that, you can see how much of a mechanic editing is that benefits players who stand still on those who move.

While Burter is hoping the edit will be nerfed or altered with the integration of Vanguard, there is evidence to the contrary. Call of Duty legend Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow once called Vanguard’s weapon stand “even more broken”Than the MW19.

With detailed YouTube outages and complaints from pro gamers, we’ll see if these comments are enough to make the edit nerf.

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