Videos Show People Dancing on Top of St. Louis Police Car on Washington Avenue | St. Louis Headlines

ST. LOUIS ( – Social media videos circulating online show large crowds gathering outside on Washington Avenue in the early hours of Sunday morning as bars closed on busy downtown St. Louis Street.

According to the 911 logs, there were gunshots, officers needing help and unrest on Washington Avenue between 15th and 18th streets. A resident shared a video with the KMOV of numerous police cars responding to the incidents.

Other videos on social media show people dancing in the streets and several standing and jumping on a Saint-Louis Metropolitan Police vehicle.

“This is ridiculous behavior and totally unacceptable,” said Alderman Jack Coatar, who represents Ward 7, which includes parts of the downtown area.

Resident Arnold Stricker, who also belongs to an organization called Citizens for a Greater Downtown St. Louis, says this is just one example of the problems on Washington Avenue.

“I was a little shocked and disappointed that this was happening. We want a dynamic recovery from the pandemic for all businesses and residents of the city and that wasn’t a great way to start this, ”Stricker said.

He says solutions must be found in cooperation with police, residents, the new mayor’s office and the downtown St. Louis CID.

Saturday night is not the first time there has been concern on Washington Avenue. The city erected barricades along the street last summer to deal with cruises, speeding and dangerous activity. Some of those downtown barricades were removed ahead of this weekend due to the large crowds expected with the Blues and St. Louis Cardinals playing in town.

“We all need to work together, we would like to have a better neighborhood, we would like to have a vibrant neighborhood, but we need solutions. It hasn’t lasted a short time, it has been going on for a long time and it has been ignored and we are now experiencing some of the consequences, ”Stricker said.

The KMOV contacted the SLMPD to find out if any tickets or arrests had been made and what kind of damage had been done to their vehicles. They have not yet responded to our requests.

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