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It will be a real treat for all three states, according to Faith Day, mayor of Catlettsburg.

The city’s fireworks display is scheduled for 9:50 p.m. Saturday night and can be enjoyed throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, all from the comfort of the respective waterfronts of Catlettsburg, South Point, and Kenova.

Day said the mayors of these three towns, the Boyd County Tax Court and the town of Ashland – combined with the Catlettsburg riverside renovations near the flood wall – all helped make this a reality. .

Day said Catlettsburg worked hard to clean up its shores and remove obstacles such as brush and reveal a beautiful view of the river.

“What’s really special this year is that the mayor of the village of South Point, Jeff Daskins, reached out to me to help fund the fireworks,” Day said. “I said straight away that I would be delighted. Then I reached out to Boyd County Executive Judge Eric Chaney to see if the tax court was willing to help, and he said they’d be happy to be a part of it.

Day contacted the mayor of Kenova, Tim Bias, and he also quickly agreed.

“So all three states are really involved in making this happen,” Day said. “The fireworks are going to be on a barge in the river – and for that to happen you have to shut off the river. But luckily, Chief Todd Kelley of the Ashland Police Department helped us get all the necessary permits.

So the shared celebration, Day said, was the result of a lot of work shared by the tri-state. And she hopes the joint venture, along with cross-community support, will become an annual event.

“I just think it’s very cool. Where else can you see the same fireworks from three different states? Day said she would like to remind those watching the fireworks to tune their radio to 104.7-FM to listen to patriotic music gracing the display.

Day said everyone in Catlettsburg is excited for the coming weekend because last year the pandemic prevented them from hosting such events.

“During this time, we had developed the riverside, but people had not been able to see the results of the city’s efforts. So it will not only be a holiday event, but also an unveiling of what the city has been working on for its residents and the entire region, ”she said.

Day said the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife has also been working on the town’s boat launch and that it will be closed over the weekend, but hopefully this will be completed in a near future. near future.

“It has been very helpful for the city,” Day said. “And we appreciate everything they have done and are doing.”

Although the fireworks promise to amaze, the celebration of the town of Catlettsburg begins hours before the first rocket to hit the night sky. A Gate City Cruise-In auto show begins at 5:00 p.m., at the Kentucky Farmers Bank and Depot parking lots.

Rob McNurlin will perform live between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., Cindy Sullivan will open for McNurlin, and the event will have local food vendors to cater to fans of the event. Day said that in addition to vendors, local churches will also provide various desserts.

“The Car Show will also have competitions,” Day said. “One of the competitions is a competition for the best Automotive Art Trophy. They want you to design your best trophy using car parts, keys and everything cars. If they reach 100 cars entered, the grand prize will be $ 100. Otherwise, the price is $ 50.

Day said that participants in the trophy competition can also put their trophies up for sale at the event. A full list of everything the weekend has to offer is available on the town’s Facebook page, and Day said don’t forget to bring your folding chair.

“We want everyone in Catlettsburg to take a chair by the river and enjoy all the event has to offer, including the fireworks. And our neighbors across the river will do the same, so everyone should have a great July 4th weekend, ”Day said.

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