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SANTA CLARA — Trey Lance rolled to his right on Tuesday and broke away with a high-speed wobbler that ultimately fell harmless to the ground.

Had this been an open game or practice with fans in attendance, there would have been an audible buzz, as it was one of those perfect times for the kind of overreaction that naturally accompanies the most important position in professional sport.

Instead, it was the first day of a mandatory three-day minicamp and the isolated instance came and went. Lance actually had a really good day throwing the ball around. More importantly, Lance, all 22, seems to be growing well into his role as the face of the 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo was excused from participating while he rehabilitates his surgically repaired shoulder. Nobody in the organization is ready to say that, but it’s a good thing. The team is owned by Lance, and while coach Kyle Shanahan has said he expects to see Garoppolo in training camp in good health if a trade doesn’t materialize, that’s surely not. not the way to go.

Having Lance step into the leadership role, bond with quarterbacks coach Brian Griese, and conduct himself through his play and actions as an NFL quarterback will be the most important factor in his success or success. its failure in 2022. The whole issue of a throwing motion that has been criticized for being too elongated and the occasional delivery that doesn’t produce a spiral just isn’t a big deal.

Questions were raised about Lance’s mechanics on Tuesday and it was one he wanted to address. He seemed almost amused by the scrutiny of his summer sessions with throwing coaches who he said focused on using his lower half as a proper base to throw the ball with precision.

There haven’t been any major changes to the way Lance kicks the ball, nor will there be in the future.

“I know everyone talks about the throwing motion and the slow motion videos and all that, but it wasn’t as much as you might think,” Lance said. “Everyone has their opinion on it. But for me, it’s about getting the ball out with precision. It’s different working away from the building because you work primarily as a pitcher and not necessarily as a quarterback.

Regarding his motion, Lance said: “I don’t feel like it’s slowing me down. Everyone throws differently. I know everyone is talking about it. . . it’s not something that worries me.

Likewise, Shanahan doesn’t play an endless loop of Lance’s throwing motion in his head that keeps him up at night.

On the contrary, Shananan prefers Lance to simply run the games that are methodically called rather than trying to do something big with every snap of his fingers. Shanahan is more concerned with Lance’s eyes and his footwork.

“It’s about getting reps and going out there and the first few days (last week) Trey and everybody trying to win the day which doesn’t mean a whole lot,” said Shanahan. “You have to focus on your improvement. You know the defense, they know the attack, so you can’t really play the big plays. You play with your fundamentals and improve the games you have.

As for the specifics of ball delivery, Shanahan sees it as a constant process over time rather than something drastic in a single offseason.

“Tom Brady has honed his throwing motion every year for the past 20 years,” Shanahan said. “That’s why he throws better at 40 than at 30. The good guys are obsessed with that and it never stops.”

Lance spoke with Steve Young this offseason and Young’s message was to be himself. He works as much to build relationships with his teammates. With Garoppolo around, Lance relied on the starter. Shanahan also wanted it when it came to the media.

“I think it was a little weird last year,” Lance said. “You wanted to talk to me and I really had nothing to say. I was not playing. But that’s how it goes, that was the situation I was in, and I tried to take my role and make the best of it.

Strange as it may have been, left tackle Trent Williams said the awkwardness of the situation was not obvious.

“Seeing him in the locker room now, I don’t really see a difference,” Williams said. “He behaves extremely well, that’s why he’s here, why everyone is so high on him. We all know his qualities as a quarterback. But I think the way he behaves, the way he holds his head, the way nothing ever shakes him is his main characteristic and I think that will take him far.

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