Transportation to Austin FC Q2 Stadium on game day

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin FC fans will have a number of different transportation choices when they attempt to travel to Stadium Q2 this season. Team officials say they are still developing some of those plans and will release more details in the coming weeks, but KXAN has learned the team will partner with commercial and residential development at the estate. for a park-walk.

Capital Metro will also expand and improve transit options on play days, and many people will likely ride to rideshare games like Uber and Lyft.

Austin FC announced on May 24 that it will have 100% capacity for home games thanks to the drop in COVID-19 numbers, so expect a full house for each of the Austin games. FC this season.

Here are the transport options as we currently know them to get to stadium Q2.

Austin FC parking limited at Q2 Stadium

There are 850 parking spaces available for the 20,500-seat Q2 stadium. This means that the vast majority of Austin FC fans will not park onsite at the stadium. Austin FC has not released specific details on these parking spaces, but it is likely that these will be reserved for club and premium ticket holders.

Estate officials say KXAN Austin FC has made deals with several companies to secure parking spaces during match days. This means that fans will be able to park in these shops and walk or take a short trip to stadium Q2.

How to park and get to stadium Q2

There will also be two transit parks and rides with buses to the Q2 stadium:

  • North Lamar Transit Center
  • Pavilion Park & ​​Ride

Once fans have parked at these locations, CapMetro’s Route 383 bus will drop fans off at the stadium and pick them up after the match and return them to their vehicles.

How to take the Capital Metro bus or train to Q2 Stadium

Courtesy: Capital Metro

Metro of the capital is also working on providing several options to hopefully get people to get out of their cars and get on buses or trains to get to the stadium. Here is how the public transport authority plans to do this.

Take a CapMetro bus to stadium Q2

CapMetro will increase the frequency of bus trips near stadium Q2:

  • MetroRapid 803 will take place at least every 8 minutes and drop off supporters in front of the stadium. After the game, additional MetroRapid buses will line up along Bright Verde Way to help fans get home.
  • Route 3, which has a stop near the stadium, will operate on a regular schedule.
  • Route 383 will increase trips to every 15 minutes with drop-offs at the stadium. As mentioned, it will also offer a service to nearby Park & ​​Rides.
  • Route 392 will increase routes every 20 minutes. It will run between Q2 Stadium and the Tech Ridge Transit Center.

Take a CapMetro train to stadium Q2

CapMetro will provide MetroRail service to and from Austin FC home games.

the Red line will serve as a huge route to and from the stadium from locations in downtown Austin, Plaza Saltillo in eastern Austin, and locations far north to Leander and Lakeline Station.

CapMetro says fans can get off at Kramer station and then walk about 15 minutes to the stadium.

The new McKalla station won’t be ready until next year, but it will eventually be the end of the play train to travel to the second quarter.

Artist rendering of McKalla Station. (Courtesy: Capital Metro)

How to take an Uber, Lyft, or a cab to Austin FC games

Uber and Lyft granted a reprieve hours before closure in California |  Appleinsider

Uber, Lyft, and taxis are also likely to be options that many fans will explore on play days. We asked these companies, as well as Austin FC, if there would be a specific pickup or drop-off location. for ridesharing companies, as is typically the case at other major city events, including the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

We haven’t had a response yet, but we’ll update this story once we do.

Improvements to sidewalks and cycle lanes near Q2 Stadium thanks to Bond

City of Austin transportation officials are nearing completion of the Phase I improvements to Burnet Road and Braker Lane near the stadium. There are new sidewalks and paths for shared use. This should help fans get to and from the park safely if they choose to walk or cycle.

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