These classic combat mechanics are confirmed for Project L

Project L will put a whole new spin on many of the fighting game genre’s most beloved mechanics. But some traditional mechanics will also make a return in Riot Games’ new title.

Executive producer Tom Cannon and technical lead Tony Cannon have already spoiled Project L fans with previews, and fans are eager to glean as much information as possible. Based on the handful of early trailers, Project L appears to take a few mechanics from each fighting game subgenre. Here’s what we know about Project L’s offensive, defensive, and movement mechanics.

Overheads and crossups confirmed for Project L

Riot Games appears to include the full suite of universal mixes for Project L, including aerial and cross attacks.

Early previews make it clear that Project L will retain the traditional top-down structure of most fighting games. Characters will have certain moves that can only be blocked at the top and others that must be blocked at the bottom. There also seems to be some sort of grab system that can break the block. Project L would appear to use traditional steering lock, but a guard button could be implemented before the release.

Crossups are a classic fighting game trick where players narrowly jump over the opponent with an aerial attack. By suddenly reversing the opponent’s required entry direction, players can trick them into blocking the wrong way. The crossings are definitely confirmed for the L project, because a taste shows Ekko using Ahri’s assist move to set up a cross-up. Darius performs a similar maneuver soon after.

This video also confirms the super moves, although exactly how they are accessed or performed is still up in the air. Ahri and Darius show cinematic attacks with super flash at the start. The examples shown were clearly intended to be combo finishers, but the supers might have more use as Project L gets closer to release.

Project L movement mechanics include double jump, technical exits

One of the defining traits of any fighting game is its movement, and Project L seems to borrow movement mechanics from several existing fighters. Double jumps could be one of them.

In the first Project L gameplay revealed in 2021, the Cannon Brothers showed the character Ekko using a double jump. Ekko also showed jump cancels, a technique where players jump on the first result of an attack to start a new combo. The preview ending also showed off some interesting aerial movement options for Ahri, but her flight mechanics may be a unique trait.

Air dashes are central to many fast-paced fighting games, but they seem to be missing from Project L. None of the early previews showed an air dash available to all characters in Project L, though Ahri does have several air dashes tied to his attacks. . Some other beacon-based fighting games, such as the Marvel vs. Capcom series, also eschew the air dash in favor of the more traditional double jump mechanic.

In terms of defensive options, players seem to have access to air and ground technologies. It’s hard to tell from the images, but players might be able to choose which directions their technology sends them. In the example above, Jinx is able to escape Darius’ combo with a blue flash. She is able to use an air attack right after, showing that the player has regained control.

Tech out combo systems tend to be more complex than a standard juggle system, but access to defensive options can help struggling players feel a better sense of control even when under attack. ‘an opponent.

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