Theater West to host mini car show ahead of final production of ‘Grease’ | Local


SCOTTSBLUFF – On Saturday, July 24, Theater West will close its main season with its final production of “Grease”. As a special pre-show giveaway, the company has teamed up with High Plains Auto Club and other local car enthusiasts to host a mini car show of around 10 to 15 cars.

Company director Staysha Adams said the Theater West crew performed a few numbers of “Grease” and their After Party Cabaret at the High Plains Auto Club Father’s Day earlier this summer. Afterwards, Adams thought it would be a great idea to partner with the club to bring these old school cars before their final show. After all, what is “Grease” without “Grease Lightning? ” she said.

“Showing off those old cars that they would have driven while Grease was installed seems like a great idea,” Adams said. “(It’s) also something fun because our customers who come to the theater don’t always go to the auto show, so it’s a great way to bring together different types of people with hobbies. different in the community. It’s just to have a little fun and see a really good show and some really cool cars.

The auto show will start at 6.15pm at the Judy Chaloupka Theater, and cars will stay there until the “Grease” curtain at 7.30pm.


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