The Worst Street Fighter Mechanic in History Goes Against General Design Philosophies… But It’s Not V-Trigger or Healing

Capcom has continued to experiment, reinvent, and tweak how Street Fighter “works” for over 35 years now, but not all of their ideas are great…even if they end up sticking around.

Fighting game content creator Rooflemonger recently released his new video explaining what he thinks is the worst gameplay mechanic in Street Fighter history, and it’s not many gamers’ first thoughts on things. like V-Trigger or Elena’s Healing.

Instead, Rooflemonger thinks Vega/Claw gets the job done in pretty much every game because he loses his claw after taking too much damage.

This seems to go against the general design of fighting games where characters can always do the same amount of damage (if not more in some cases) no matter how badly your character is beaten.

It’s like a reverse comeback mechanism, and the implementation of Street Fighter 5 actually made things worse in Rooflemonger’s opinion.

We’ll let him do the talking now, so he can explain in more detail why Vega’s claw just doesn’t work beyond an interesting concept.

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