The Truth Behind “The New Car Smell”. What are automakers like Nissan doing?

Have you ever sat in a brand new car with clean seats, crystal clear windows, a boatload of plastic covers and “new car smell?” Have you ever wondered where that smell came from?

Driving the news: Studies show that smell can provoke an emotional reaction. Automakers like Nissan have professionals working on new cars to create that special scent, according to CNN Business.

Details: Tori Keerl, a “certified odorant”, is a materials engineer at Nissan. His job is to oversee odor experts who make sure your car smells exactly the way it should – a mix of vinyl, plastic, glue and leather.

“Every time we launch a vehicle, we have to smell it,” she said. His team performs sniff tests for every car part before it is installed, to ensure that all scents are pleasant.

Once all the pieces are in place, his team members “sit in the vehicle and we make sure that, as we sit in the driver’s seat and you sit in the back seat, you smell so good new car smell,” she said.

This “new car smell” is diluting when the car starts to get used to. Whether it’s your half-eaten sandwich or what your shoes brought inside, the smell deteriorates 20% every week, according to the irish time.

What can car owners do? : If you want to keep the smell intact, vacuum regularly, clean the floor mats, wash the seats and clean the air vents. EngineBiscuit advises owners of older cars to use a variety of air fresheners, surface wipes and sprays to help bring back some of that smell.

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