The most car-like vehicle in the Star Wars universe is now available in LEGO form

Of course, there are wheeled vehicles in star wars, but everyone can probably agree that Luke Skywalker’s X-34 Landspeeder is the most car-adjacent thing in the original space epic. The actual prop used in the movie been a car, cobbled together from a VW Beetle platform and kit car parts, converted to a single front wheel; mirrors were used to hide the wheels as it sped along the desert in A new hope and give the impression that it was floating. The Landspeeder looks like a mid-century American concept car, but with a trio of Boeing-style early engines on its tail and a Batmobile-style bubble canopy.

If you grew up watching star wars, you’ve probably leaned into this very SoroSuub Corporation Landspeeder at some point, imagining heading down to 7 Eleven for a slushie with a few of your buddies (or droids). Well, it’s still not in the cards, but you’ll soon be able to own your very own Landspeeder, at least in LEGO form. The new kit will go on sale May 4, similar to May the Fourth Be With You, the informal Star Wars holiday, for $199.99.

The speeder is substantial, measuring 20 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 4 inches high, and is made up of 1,890 parts. As part of the Ultimate Collector’s Series, it features superb detailing, from the engine/thruster internals to the cockpit and its steering yoke to the ribbed metal bumper that wraps around the nose. LEGO even includes a spec panel on the display, but if you want to recreate the hovering action of the movie prop (fictionally called the Repulsorlift System), maybe try displaying the finished Landspeeder with lines of fishing line hanging from the ceiling.

LEGO completes the kit with two minifigures, one of Luke Skywalker and the other of C-3PO, his assistant droid. Although this is not the first Landspeeder kit offered by LEGO, it is the first full-scale detailed version. It’ll go great off the shelf alongside your $800 Millennium Falcon or massive Star Destroyer… and now back to our regular car lineup.

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