The funniest jumping mechanics in the game

Jump mechanics have been at the heart of many games since the American company Gremlin created the first jump mechanism in its 1978 arcade game Frogs. The action game had a major influence on the 1981s donkey kongwhich is considered the first platformer, a style of play that relies heavily on excellent jumping game mechanics.

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The jump mechanics are so in-game and intuitive to today’s gamers that development teams who spend countless hours meticulously creating the perfect jump often don’t get the accolades they deserve. To remedy that, here are some great games with the best jumping mechanics in history.


7 Super Mario World

There’s no better place to start a discussion of jump mechanics than with the character formerly known as Jumpman. Mario debuted in the aforementioned donkey kong as Jumpman and has since become not only the biggest name in the platform genre, but in all of gaming.

Super Mario World was the last main series Super Mario front game Super Mario 64 introduces the series to the world of 3D. 1990s Super Mario World was a perfect send-off to the classic side-scrolling style, as it refined the game mechanics of the Super Mario Bros. trilogy that preceded it, with the level designs, variety of enemies and, of course, jumping mechanics all hitting the mark.

6 Spyro revived the trilogy

the Spyro revived the trilogy was released in November 2018 and remastered the classic spyro PlayStation 1 trilogy. Along with Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon was seen at the time as a PlayStation mascot that could rival Mario. Insomniac Games tried to catch the attention of people impressed by Super Mario 64 with the trilogy collectathon gameplay, like Super Mario 64the spyro The trilogy gave players plenty of things to do and collect with each open stage.

The main change of the trilogy of Super Mario 64 was the protagonist’s jump mechanic. Spyro only has a small jump but can use his wings to glide relatively long distances – a mechanic that forced developers to create unique platforming level designs, while players had to treat him differently from everything they had played before.

The second and third games in the trilogy improved upon the jump mechanic of the original with the introduction of a hover button, which allowed players to reach ledges they would have previously missed by a frustrating margin.

5 DuckTales: Remastered

As the name suggests, DuckTales: Remastered is a remaster of the original duck tales, which was developed by Capcom and first released for the NES in 1989 before coming to the Game Boy the following year. Capcom has handed over development duties for the remastered game to WayForward Technologies, who have done a fantastic job modernizing the classic game’s visuals.

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duck tales The jump mechanic is its main feature, as players can endlessly bounce on Scrooge McDuck’s cane, which acts like a pogo stick. Bouncing with the cane is so enjoyable, in fact, that many players find themselves constantly jumping everywhere they go in the game.

4 Legends of Rayman

Legends of Rayman was released in August 2013 and is one of the most critically acclaimed platformers of the past decade, exemplified by its Metascores which reached 92 on the Wii U. Legends of Rayman Immediately attracts gamers with its artistic design which is full of colors and grabs their attention with the awesome level design of the game which is among the best in its genre.

The most notable feature of the level design is its fluidity with Rayman’s movement. This is largely thanks to the limbless hero jump mechanic, which is fast and versatile, especially with how players can seamlessly lengthen a standard jump with a kick. The musical scenes of Legends of Rayman are a treat for platformers, as the levels are designed to match the music to Rayman’s movements.

3 LocoRoco

LocoRoco was developed by Japan Studio and was first released for PSP in 2006. The game was loved at the time for its charm, charisma, and heartwarming visuals that made the game enjoyable to watch.

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LocoRocoThe game mechanics of are unique, mainly because players do not control the LocoRoco themselves but control the level by tilting it with the L and R buttons. When it comes to jumping, players simultaneously hold the L buttons and R, causing a jumping motion in the level, sending the LocoRoco flying.

Another interesting feature of the game is that players have to control several LocoRoco at once, and they can be combined. This creates an interesting game dynamic, as the smaller the LocoRoco the faster and higher they can bounce.

2 Celestial

Celestial was developed by Matt Makes Games (now known as Extremely OK Games) and released in January 2018. The game puts players in the shoes of Madeline, who is determined to battle her inner demons – often quite literally – and to climb the dangerous Mont Céleste. The game was a hit with critics, exemplified by its whopping 94 Metascore on Xbox One.

To help players climb the mountain, Madeline is equipped with many well-designed jumping and movement mechanics. Madeline can cling to walls for a limited time, air dash, and wall jump, among other abilities. The game’s movement is meticulously crafted and refined to the point that, despite Celestial Being an extremely difficult game, most players aren’t too frustrated with the deaths, as the game mechanics are rarely at fault.

1 Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64One of the most impressive achievements in platformer history is the jumping mechanics. Super Mario 64 was Nintendo’s first attempt at a 3D platformer, although the development team took to it like a duck to water, creating a wide range of jumping mechanics for Mario that made playing the game a pleasure to run and jump.

It is hard to deny that certain aspects of Super Mario 64 have aged poorly, especially its visuals, although the game’s jumping mechanics are just as enjoyable today as they were in 1996, which is an incredible achievement.

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