The best indie games of 2022 (so far)

In a year where many AAA developers saw their games plagued by delays, Indie Games did the opposite and ramped up for the year. To the delight of gamers, there have been indie surprises in many different genres, making indie games a viable option even for those who have never tried games in the indie market. While some of the most anticipated indies of 2022 like sea ​​of ​​stars have since been delayed, the surprise indie hits have given fans plenty to play with in the absence of huge AAA releases.

Without many major AAA games, and with the absence of even bigger indies that we thought could be released this year, like Hollow Knight: Silksong, small indies were honored this year. games like neon white and sleeper citizen which may not have garnered much attention in previous years have been able to gain a bit more of a following. Also, some larger scale indies could still be hits, like Sifu.


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With 2022 just a few months away, there are still some great games on the horizon. AAA hits like God of War: Ragnarok for PS5 owners and Bayonet 3 with its many returning characters for Switch, players are always on the go. For gaming fans uninterested in those big games on the horizon, here are the best indie games you might have missed so far in 2022.

Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void is a fantastic expansion for a fantasy Roguelike

Key art for the Risk of Rain 2 expansion, Survivors of the Void.

One of the best roguelike games just got even better in 2022. Chance of rain 2 got its first extension, Void Survivorson March 1, 2022. With this new expansion, a ton of features have been added, including two new survivors, five environments, 41 new items, eleven new monsters, three new bosses, and an all-new ending sequence.

If the players have played Chance of rain 2 before or not, Void Survivors is a perfect companion to the original game. New mechanics like “corrupted items” and the new endless game mode, Simulacrum, will give players hours of new fun to have with the game playing new content like new Chance of rain 2 characters like the Railgunner. And as a bonus, only one player in a multiplayer lobby needs to own the DLC pack to play the new content, which makes Void Survivors a perfect purchase for gamers looking for a new multiplayer experience.

Neon White is a satisfying speedrunning experience

Key art for the indie game Neon White.

One of the biggest surprises of 2022, neon white is a speedrunning delight. Set in a world where spirits called Neons compete for a place in heaven, neon white uses angelic and demonic imagery to create a compelling setting for a first-person shooter. The focus on speed takes the game to another level, making the fun shooter even better with an added mechanic.

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Along with using weapons to dispatch enemies, each weapon also includes a movement ability that can be used by throwing said weapon. Each level technically has a “correct” answer, but the movement abilities add a deeper element to the game, making each bite-sized level a fun speed playground. Whether players play each level then move or chase neon white‘s Ace Medals, this first-person shooter from Annapurna Interactive is not one gamers will want to miss.

Sifu is a challenging martial arts roguelike

Sifu's protagonist in a fighting pose in promo art

A larger budget than many other games on this list, Sifu is a fantastic roguelike on PlayStation and PC. Sifu is a martial arts revenge story with satisfying combat and interesting environments with lots of interaction. Where the game really shines, however, is in the unique mechanics with age.

In a tough game like Sifu, players can expect to die a lot. These deaths make sense in the age mechanics, affecting how different abilities are unlocked and the player’s combat aptitude. Finally, in addition to being a fun roguelike on its own, the game is further expanded by Sifu character mods like Shaggy, Daredevil, John Wick and many more.

Citizen Sleeper is a masterful TTRPG-style narrative

Citizen Sleeper Art

Just a few years after hitting RPG Disco Elysee, sleeper citizen is a fantastic new indie game from developer Jump Over The Age. With dice rolls generated from each “cycle” of the game, players use these dice to complete tasks to help support the inhabitants of the game’s region, Erlin’s Eye. These dice are limited and make the player think about where they are using their limited time and actions.

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These actions take place with the charming and complex characters of sleeper citizen. There are so many different characters with their own aspirations, stories and secrets. From devoted adoptive father Lem, one of the best video game dads, to Ankhita, an intergalactic mercenary stranded on the space station, there are many distinct and engaging characters to interact with.

OlliOlli World is an evolution of the skateboard platform

Illustration OlliOlli World Nintendo Switch

From Developer Roll7, OlliOlli World is a new game in the OlliOlli series. Originating in the PlayStation Vita in 2014, the first OlliOlli The game was released without much fanfare, but eventually got ports on almost every platform during this time. OlliOlli got a sequel the following year, with better reviews, but neither game was very memorable.

OlliOlli World, however, takes the series to new heights. Instead of traveling linearly from level to level like in the original two games, there is a world map with original characters also appearing in each of them. There’s even an appearance by Danny Trejo in OlliOlli World to give the player a quest, adding to a game already full of personality in its world and character designs.

Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to a classic

Key art for Rogue Legacy 2.

A sequel in the works for nearly a decade, Rogue Legacy 2 left Early Access in April 2022. The game features similar mechanics to the first The Legacy of Thieves, one of the first rogue-lites. After each death, instead of remaining the same character like many other games in the genre, the player chooses an heir, each with their own unique traits. The first opus is always seen with tenderness, but some mechanics have aged a little badly.

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Rogue Legacy 2 on the other hand, alleviates some of these pains. Traits are simpler than in the first game, and a fast travel system means fewer reps when grinding gold to unlock more permanent skills in Rogue Legacy 2castle upgrades. The first game had a big influence on the growth of an entire genre, but the sequel brings The Legacy of Thieves into the modern era masterfully.

2022 has been a year of quality over quantity in the AAA games industry, and the indie scene has been similar. Indie games will always have a big release, but those games have been high quality. Whether it’s additions to franchises like OlliOlli World and Rogue Legacy 2new ideas like sleeper citizen and Sifuor even a DLC pack like Risk of Rain 2: Void Survivorsindie games have had a fantastic year so far.

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