Tempo Employment “Keep the Beat” and Your Mechanic Retires

The pandemic has created many unique circumstances for entrepreneurs and business owners in Aroostook County. One business has a new owner and keeps pace as we continue to reopen as restrictions begin to ease and another business owner retires.

The circle is complete

Tempo Employment Services has a new owner, but she knows the company very well. Jennifer Buckingham bought Tempo after 24 years as an employee. Buckingham’s purchase of the business has been a long-held dream that it can now tick off its list of accomplishments. She said her goal was to always own a business and the opportunity to buy Tempo became possible after years of mentoring under the guidance of former owner Lois Dickinson.

Jenifer Buckingham is the new owner of Tempo Employment Services JC / TSM

How to move forward?

When Jennifer Buckingham started at Tempo 24 years ago, she ran for what she thought was a 2 week job. After blinking, she now leads the organization as we strive to emerge from a pandemic. Tempo seamlessly navigated the complicated job market during the pandemic and a change in ownership. She expects Tempo to have an increased online presence in the future to help their recruiting efforts and she expects to add to her own staff in the near future.

If you’re not retired, you should be!

We are happy for another local businessman as he announced his retirement. TA Services in Presque Isle closed its doors and Terry went up to camp. The phrase “If we’re not your mechanic, we should be!” Will be forever remembered by many drivers in Aroostook County as they get used to Terry’s signing. In his last message, Terry thanked Aroostook County and stated that he and his wife will be heading to the lake.

We wish Terry a happy retirement and we wish Jennifer good luck with Tempo Employment Services.

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