Teens drawn to crash site to make sense of tragic deaths

YORKSHIRE, NY (WKBW) – State police continue to warn families that we are still going through what is called the “100 Deadliest Days”. It’s the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, considered the deadliest on the roads for teenage drivers.

State police told 7 eyewitnesses that there had been an “increase” in fatal collisions.


Nate Schwartz and Alex Schenk were killed in an accident on Sunday.

Last weekend, two young men, graduating this year from Pioneer Central Schools, died in a car crash.

“It’s always hard to understand to be 100% honest,” Noah Mader.

The raw emotion of the friends of Nate Schwartz and Alex Schenk.

The two 18-year-olds were killed on Sunday evening in a crash involving two cars on West Yorkshire Road in Yorkshire.

graduates killed.jpg


Graduation photo placed on the commemorative site.

The two teenagers had just graduated in June from Pioneer High School.

State Trooper James O’Callaghan said Schwartz was driving westbound and his vehicle “partially contacted” an eastbound vehicle.



State Soldier James O’Callaghan in a Zoom interview.

This caused the teenager’s car to slip off the road, overturn and hit a tree.

“Once the autopsies are over, we get toxicology. Does distracted driving play a role? Does speed play a role? – the Collision Reconstruction Unit is doing its job, ”Private O’Callaghan explained.

The tree that was hit is next to Tidd’s Auto Parts. Owner Bill Tidd says he watched investigators work the next morning.

“The drone was in the air taking photos and measurements as part of their investigation,” Tidd recalls.

Private O’Callaghan says it could take more than a month before the cause of the crash is known.



Memorial erected in honor of two teenagers killed in an accident in Yorkshire.

A memorial is set up at the crash site, where friends like Noah Mader and Ashton Filighera showed up at the memorial site to pay their respects to Alex and Nate.

They didn’t go to school with Nate and Alex, but met through sports.

“Always remember to play sports with them, to argue at our friend Brendan’s place,” recalls Mader.

teenagers .jpg


Ashton Filighera and Noah Mader stopped at the crash site on Tuesday.

“I knew Schenk more than Nate, but I never got bored with any of them,” Filighera recalls.

The two friends were deeply touched – shared an emotional embrace as they looked at all the photos, flowers and items to honor the memory of Nate and Alex.



Noah Mader and Ashton Filighera kiss at the crash site.

Alexis and Nate were well-known athletes and members of the Pioneer Wrestling team. Gofundme pages are now set up for the two young men with over $ 20,000 already raised for each.

Teens who visit the crash site say it’s bittersweet, but feel compelled to be there as they face this tragedy and their forever lost friends.

“I met Shenck – he was probably the nicest guy you’ll meet,” Mader noted.

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