Tears of the Kingdom could reuse mechanics from Fi’s Skyward sword

Although details on the next The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are still rare, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating what it might bring or change to the Zelda series, with some hoping that not only will Fi return, but that it will bring new features to the game. Last seen in skyward swordFi was a division mate among the Zelda community, but in recent years and with the remaster of the Switch game, many Zelda fans have since defended Fi. After being mentioned in breath of the wild through references and Easter eggs, fans now believe his return is inevitable.


If Fi were to return to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomso fans hope she can add a new dimension to exploring and learning about the world beyond what breath of the wild could offer. Between Fi’s characterization as more of an AI than a spirit inscribed in Sheikah technology, and the Master Sword’s uncertain status in tears of the kingdomit looks like Fi might be reintroducing mechanics last seen in Skyward sword. Provided the game learns from Fi’s reviews of skyward swordplayers could see returning features such as dowsing or in-game hints.

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How Fi’s return was teased

When breath of the wild launched, it was far from the previous Zelda games, with changes such as the introduction of weapon durability to the removal of collectible hearts. However, the game was full of references and easter eggs, from places inspired or taken from previous ones. Zelda games with various names referencing earlier characters. Among these teasers, several paid tribute to Toward the sky Swordwhich some fans thought were hinting at Fi’s return for breath of the wild after.

Examples of these include small references like lines from Zelda about hearing a voice in the master sword, but it wasn’t until the trial of the sword was introduced via DLC that fans were convinced of Fi’s return. This stems from both the trial’s emphasis on restoring the true power of the Master Sword and the sound that plays off the “unlocked” sword power, which was eerily similar to the sound effect who played when Fi entered or exited the sword in skyward sword. However, as all this came before tears of the kingdom was even confirmed, fans couldn’t be sure about this theory.

What reinforced this idea was that not only did Nintendo release the HD remaster of skyward sword which changed how Fi works, but the trailers of tears of the kingdom seem to hint that there is something wrong with the Master Sword. Now fans are sure that Nintendo deliberately remastered skyward sword despite fan demand for a Twilight Princess Switch ports to refresh the memory of gamers on Fi and how it works. That’s why, come tears of the kingdom launch, they’ll know her as a character and be open to reintroducing her mechanics.

How Fi’s Mechanic Could Return

While Fi’s return could influence tears of the kingdom story, there is more in it that could functionally improve the game. For example, one of the best-known mechanics Fi and the Master Sword performed in skyward sword did dowsing. With the return of the Sheikah Slate currently uncertain, the Dowsing Mechanic could easily override the Sheikah Sensor in order to locate nearby objects, structures, or significant areas. Especially if Link is on the ground, while the sensor was giving a general sense of orientation, being able to dowse might better help the player identify things or places they’re looking for more accurately.

Another of Fi’s functions skyward sword which could return is his habit of providing clues to enemy weaknesses. This could be particularly useful in tears of the kingdom that breath of nature, as the latter did not complicate enemy designs too much and gave them basic weaknesses such as the Talus ore deposit or the eye of a guardian. But as the trailers have already shown, tears of the kingdom enemy design expands on that, and Fi’s input on how to strategize in combat or what weapons might work best could save the lives of players, especially those unfamiliar with breath of the wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom should come out on May 12, 2023, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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