Rust To Riches Season 4

This show centers around Gotham Garage, a machine shop known for restoring and swapping out cheap old rotten cars for something better. They work on classic cars and turn them into expensive assets using modern technology. This exceptional business strategy and creativity are the hallmarks of Gotham garage; it has everything to keep you captivated and glued all day. Season three has just aired, but many are wondering about season four.

For starters, let’s take a closer look at the show.

Welcome to Gotham Garage

Mark Towle Gotham Garage Car Masters

Gotham garage has a team of five people who are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in their jobs; they are the main characters of the series. Their ability to repair any form of automobile that comes their way has been a great inspiration to many.

Mark Towle is one of the main characters and founder of the establishment (Gotham Garage). He is a renowned restaurateur and mechanic in the country. Growing up, he was constantly looking for broken toys to rebuild and redesign, which is reflected in the series.

After gaining a lot of experience in the entertainment industry, he decided to pursue a career that he has always enjoyed, which is how Gotham Garage was born. Mark and his garage partners received classic cars for a makeover. One of his proudest creations was to build a replica of The Mach 5 whose final season ended in 2020. He is known as an incredible artistic genius.

Shawn Pilot, a member of the crew, also known as a famous wheel maker, is an actor who debuted in his first film in the 90s. Michael Vincent Pyle is an expert in motors; he is famous as an expert mechanic who can tear anything apart and put it back transformed. Tony Quinones is a machinist and a maker.

Finally, Constance Nunes, the only female mechanic among the five, was introduced to motor racing at a very young age by her father. Her passion for building and restoring cars is not something that has come about all of a sudden: she has furthered her career and her passion for the automobile. She has worked with BMW, Ford, Acura and Audi.

She also started working on personal constructions, visible on her YouTube channel “Cars by Constance”. She then starred in the car masters series and has been on the series since the first episode. She is known as an accomplished mechanic.

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How they work

The Car Masters Gotham team

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Just as everything has its ways and processes, the garage also has specific processes for each project undertaken; two of the crew, i.e. Mark and the whole other, set off in search of some cheap old scrap and junk cars, drop them off in the garage on their way to work. However, it’s not an easy process of uniquely modifying the debris, every crew member has a role to play, and in the end, the result is always mind-blowing.

Despite their challenges, Gotham Garage has made some remarkable vehicles like hot wheeled miniature cars, classic paddy wagon, old raven, big sport Bette, and more. He made a lot of money. Their success is significant and undeniable.

So far this TV series has produced three (3) seasons with eight (8) episodes each, while fans are eagerly awaiting the next one. A review from a fan says: whatever, because masters: rust to rich is a series that is meant to stay – it has the energy of an endless reality show due to the widening scope of this. that the crew can do.

Its first season has eight episodes, and each episode focuses on a unique project; it was released on September 14, 2018, while the second season of Car Masters: From Rust to Wealth was released eighteen months after the first season, on March 27, 2020, and the third season was released seventeen months after. the second, August 4, 2021.

This drives the prediction of the fourth season, which might as well follow the same production pattern. In this case, we can expect the release of season four in 2022, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we have to consider how season four would work.

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Will all of the cast members be involved in the next season?

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In season three we have already seen the crew take on a lot of unique and interesting projects and, with several technologies, tweaked and transformed old cars into something new, different and breathtaking. As a result, after watching these exciting stories in previous seasons, fans are anticipating the next one with all of the crew as each has a different role to play.

Therefore, based on the previous seasons and the participation of each member, we hope that they and others will feature in the next season, uniquely recreating and modifying the technology, thus inventing things like never before. despite the Covid 19 pandemic.

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