Riot introduces KAY / O, a new VALORANT agent whose suppression mechanic brings players back to basics in Episode 3: Reflection

Video games are full of adorable robots. Monitoring in Bastion, Apex Legends a Pathfinder, and Borders a Claptrap. And now, VALUING a KAY / O.

Riot introduced KAY / O Today, a killer robot who debuts in Episode 3: Reflection whose sole purpose is to neutralize radiation. As such, the initiator has the unique ability to suppress enemies and render their abilities useless. The developers wanted his kit to be “familiar to FPS players”, allowing fans to rely on the shooter more than anything else.

“We kind of wanted to push for some really intuitive and almost ‘back to basics’ inputs,” said game designer Ryan Cousart. “One aspiration we have for KAY / O is for FPS players to be able to take some of the common mastery they’ve gained from other games, like throwing grenades, and intuitively apply them to access the outputs of the game. KAY / O kit. “

Much of KAY / O’s kit will be familiar to longtime FPS gamers. The killer robot has a flash grenade (FLASH / drive) and can throw an “explosive fragment” (FRAG / ment) that sticks to the ground, explodes multiple times and deals almost lethal damage to its center. But it offers something unique to VALUINGThe competitive gameplay of, forcing fans to play mostly Deathmatch mode and focus only on shooting and shooting.

KAY / O’s ZERO / point ability allows him to launch a blade that sticks to the first surface hit, curls, and explodes to remove anyone caught in its radius. This ability was teased earlier this month when fans noticed a pulsating blade stuck in a Radianite crate at Breeze Site A. KAY / O’s ultimate NULL / cmd allows him to overcharge and pulse Radianite energy, suppressing enemies hit for a short duration while granting him boost in combat. When overloaded with his ultimate, KAY / O is downed and goes into a destabilized state, allowing his teammates to revive him as is commonly seen in the battle royale genre.

Image via Riot Games

The reanimation mechanic was hardly a part of the KAY / O live iteration, according to Cousart. While some developers called to cut it from the robot kit, it was apparently too much fun to get rid of it.

“As a farewell to the mechanic, I lowered the Ult points to 5 and we just started doing these ‘rescue missions’ in our design test,” the designer said. “I vividly remember going into the roundups after the play test with the biggest smile on our face and we laughed at those missions and after two full days where we had a little fun we decided to keep the mechanic. After a few tweaks, the downed state gave us a great opportunity to give KAY / O his killer robot fantasy, prompting him to step forward and kill, while also creating a unique midpoint objective if he got downed. .

The killer robot should take players back to their FPS roots, with some fun twists. And it will probably work well in tandem with a number of agents. An Astra Gravity Well, for example, can help pull enemies directly into the center of KAY / O’s FRAG / ment and potentially deal devastating AoE damage. And its removal mechanic will nullify Agent Kits who rely on their abilities to make spectacular games, like the Jetts and Vipers of the World. While it’s hard to say what effect it will have on the meta, its impact on the game will become evident after millions of players test it out on the live servers.

KAY / O enters VALUING with episode three, act one on June 22. Players can also expect a new battle pass, a free event pass to commemorate the tac shooter’s first birthday, and plenty of balance changes.

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