Ottawa Student Transportation Authority cancels routes and transfers students to OC Transpo due to driver shortage

OTTAWA – The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority is canceling dozens of bus routes in September and moving more than 2,000 students from the yellow bus to OC Transpo to help deal with a severe shortage of bus drivers. bus.

The Parent Portal opened on Saturday afternoon, allowing parents to check the status of the school bus for their children before the first day of school the week of September 6.

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority says more than 98.2 percent of students will be able to access transportation on the first day of school, but some routes have been canceled due to shortage of drivers and parents will need to find a alternative means of transport.

Some students in grades 7 to 12 from the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and the Ottawa Catholic School Board have been transferred to OC Transpo Routes, and some yellow bus services have been changed or canceled.

Trips to 15 schools in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board are currently canceled for the start of the school year – either morning, afternoon, or both. Trips were canceled to six schools of the Catholic School Board in Ottawa for morning and afternoon trips or only for afternoon trips.

“For canceled routes, parents will have to find alternative transportation to get their children to school over the next few weeks until services stabilize,” says the Ottawa Student Transportation Agency.

Earlier this month, the Ottawa School Transportation Authority announced it was looking to hire 60 new school bus drivers.

The authority said it has worked on the following “creative solutions” to ensure that the greatest number of students continue to benefit from transportation.

  • Recruitment of drivers in progress

  • Transfer of students to different routes

  • Combine multiple routes

  • Integration of late arrivals and / or departures to covered routes to add service

  • Create longer routes

  • Moving High School Students to OC Transpo

  • Transfer of students to van service

  • Offer a shuttle service to grouped stops

  • Hiring of new bus companies

  • Find alternative drivers through coach services

  • Encourage parents / guardians to withdraw if the service is not needed

  • Student volunteers calling parents / guardians to confirm use or exclusion


The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority says many students in grades 7 to 12 usually assigned to a yellow bus will be taking OC Transpo this year.

Over 2,000 students facing uncertain transportation will now use public transportation to get to school.

The transport authority indicates that the students were selected to switch to public transport using the following criteria.

  • Geographic areas well served by OC Transpo

  • OC Transpo serves the school at a reasonable distance

  • Students living within a mile of an OC Transpo bus stop

  • Routes that lacked yellow bus drivers available

Students assigned to OC Transpo will receive a free Presto school card valid from September to June 30.

“OC Transpo has also advised its bus drivers to allow students to board the buses without paying fares or showing Presto cards during the first few days of the start of the school year,” said the Student Transportation Office. ‘Ottawa.

“Students are not required to show ID, but may be asked to verbally confirm that they are students.

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