Nissan Launches Lightweight Aluminum Technology In Europe On New Qashqai; 2nd worldwide model with parts from closed-loop recycling

All-new Qashqai to be Nissan’s first model built in Europe using a large number of lightweight aluminum panels.

The hood, doors and front fenders are stamped in aluminum alloy, which lightens the body of the Qashqai by 60 kg. This improves efficiency and thus helps reduce emissions. Plus, it accommodates more technology, including the vehicle’s electrified powertrain.

The new Qashqai follows the new Rogue sold in North America as the second global model for Nissan to feature aluminum parts produced with the closed-loop recycling process. Nissan plans to extend the application of this process to future models and other factories.

Aluminum production at Nissan’s Sunderland plant includes the second extra-large baler line that was launched last year and the Cyclone – a recycling facility that blasts scrap metal at 150 km / h and can process over seven tonnes of metal per hour, ensuring less waste. and a greener production process.


As the hoods and doors are stamped, the waste is shredded and extracted, allowing the grades of aluminum to be separated. The separation allows Nissan to return high-quality waste to suppliers for processing into aluminum alloy sheets.

This closed loop recycling system reduces waste and CO2 emissions. This contributes to Nissan’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality in all company operations and the lifecycle of its products by 2050.

Recycling scrap aluminum saves more than 90% of the energy needed to create a comparable amount from raw materials, Nissan said.

As part of the Nissan Green 2022 program, Nissan aims to replace 30% of the raw materials used in cars built in 2022 with materials that do not depend on newly extracted resources. To achieve this, the company will use recycled materials and develop biomaterials, carry out recycling activities both with its suppliers and internally, and will seek to reduce the weight of the bodywork.

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