New Jersey awards $ 161 million in municipal aid grants

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The New Jersey Department of Transportation recently awarded $ 161.25 million to 541 towns and cities across the state under the Municipal Assistance Grant program for fiscal year 2022.

The ministry provides 75 percent of the grant amount when a municipality awards a contract and provides the remaining 25 percent upon completion of the project.

Grants were awarded in seven project categories: cycle path, bridge preservation, mobility, pedestrian safety, quality of life, pavement preservation and road safety.

Municipalities compete with each other for a share of their county’s share of funds. Each county is allocated a share of the total funding based on population and number of miles from the local center line.

A total of $ 10 million has been allocated to municipalities eligible for urban assistance, with the Department of Community Affairs determining the amounts.

The program received 625 applications from 547 municipalities for $ 363 million until July 1. The department and an independent panel of New Jersey municipal engineers reviewed the applications.

Past performance in relation to the timely award of projects and construction closure factors was taken into account during the appraisal process.

Municipalities were required to adopt a Complete Streets Policy that sets guidelines for when local transportation projects are planned, designed and built to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

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