New Global Expertise mechanic will ruin crafting and kill game by 2022

Ah, New World. Can you do it right, just once? It looks like the game hasn’t performed well since the first closed beta, and it certainly shows in the player count.

Have you been working your craft for some time now in the hopes of crafting an item that will give you the edge in PvP and PvE battles? It’s a good idea, in any MMO outside of New World, that is.

In the December Update, Expertise will rule the highest drops you can get per location, much like HWM did. But from 2022, it will also govern the efficiency of your equipment. This means that, if your Warhammer Expertise is 520, and you equip a Warhammer with 550 points, the weapon’s effective equipment rating will also be reduced to 520.

This change will destroy any crafting objective as we know it, as you still need to develop your weapon expertise just like the rest of the playerbase, which doesn’t develop their crafting.

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Swinging this hammer will not improve with higher force stats

To make matters worse, Amazon just announced a new crafting material that is being added to the game called Gypsum. Each activity rewards a different type of gypsum that can be turned into a gypsum orb. These orbs can then be made into drywall casts of any type of weapon, armor, or trinket. The opening of a plaster will guarantee expertise and equipment of this type.

This is now a moot point, because it doesn’t matter how good an item you crafted if it needs to be reduced to your expertise anyway.

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