Mechanics see increasing tires and repairing wheels

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – Several mechanics are seeing an increase in cars coming into their shops for repair. Experts say it’s because of poor road conditions in western New York.

“We are seeing a slight increase in the last week after the holidays,” said Rocky Casullo, owner of Casullo’s Automotive Services. “Consumers are calling and stopping because of the steering wheels shaking.”

All the calls this mechanic receives have to do with concerns about potholes.

“We recently received damaged tires and wheels,” he said. “It cost $ 500 for the replacement.”

According to a national research group that oversees road problems at the national and state levels, more money will be coming out of drivers’ pockets because of these problems.

“Trip estimates the average cost of Buffalo motorists driving on bumpy roads due to traffic jams,” Rocky Moretti, TRIP’s director of policy and research. “And the economic cost of traffic accidents due to the lack of factor contributing to road safety is $ 1,866 per year.”

Despite this, there could be a solution through the Buffalo Niagara Partnership.

“Our role will be to use this report to help justify the necessary investment in both security and positive impacts on economic development,” said Seth Piccirillo, director of economic development for the Buffalo Niagara Partnership.

AAA research shows that the cost of maintenance is at least ten cents per mile on average.

“So with winter here, we know that when the roads start to thaw in March, pothole issues will arise,” Elizabeth Carey, director of public relations and corporate communications, AAA Western and Central New York. “AAA calls will increase for tire problems.”

Still, others say it can be more expensive if you don’t take your car to a store right away. There may also be a wait due to out of stock.

“If you have to put a tire in your car, you’re looking between $ 300 and $ 3,000,” says Casullo. “You have to remember that some low profile tires on luxury cars are expensive to repair. Potholes destroy them when they go through them.”

Casullo advises drivers to watch out for potholes.

“We advise people to be careful. Drive through the pothole without you wanting to slam the brakes, stopping in a pothole can cause more damage,” he says.

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