Martinsburg Main Street Auto Show Celebrates Father’s Day | WDVM25 and DCW50

MARTINSBURG, W. Va. (WDVM) – Seeing North Queen Street in Martinsburg full of cars isn’t unusual, but the streets on Sunday were lined with cars for a different and special reason.

More than 130 vehicles lined up nearly three blocks of North Queen Street for the Father’s Day Cruise-in, a car show hosted by the Main Street Martinsburg Association. The Main Street Martinsburg Association has opened its Father’s Day Cruise to all makes and models of cars and trucks, from classic cars to newer sports cars.

Randy Lewis, executive director of the Main Street Martinsburg Association, explained that the association stopped holding annual auto shows after an abundance of shows began to pop up in the area. The association relaunched its cruise in 2019, which was well received by community members and car enthusiasts. Lewis, who is also a father of four now grown children, was thrilled with not only the participation of drivers and car owners, but also families and community members enjoying the Sunday stroll down North Queen Street.

“It’s a big day, it’s June 20, it’s West Virginia Day, and Father’s Day,” Lewis said. “We want to do a car show for fathers to come and people to love walking in the middle of the streets and looking at all the classic trucks and cars. It’s a great way to spend Father’s Day with your dad.

Like many other events, the cruise was canceled last year due to the pandemic and many were happy to take advantage of the day as the Governor of Justice lifted the statewide mask mandate .

Shawn Quinn not only brought his car into the show, but made the event a family affair bringing his two young daughters, Avery and Harley, as well as his partner, to admire all of the cars on display. While the daughters had over 130 cars to choose from, they still loved their father’s car.

“It means a lot to me, I mean girls love cars,” Quinn said. “They go to all the auto shows. I think they’re more excited to go than I am most of the time.

Marlon Vaughn and his son, Marlon Vaughn II, have always shared a love for cars. Vaughn II explained that his dream was to find a 1962 Pontiac Catalina, the car his father owned when he was a baby. Both father and son have agreed that family is important and are grateful to share a connection to classic cars.

“We don’t miss Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, but it turns out there was a car show today and it was the perfect scenario for me and him to get away from the rest. family for a minute to barbecue, ”said Marlon Vaughn II.

Vaughn echoed his son’s feelings, saying, “I think, quite honestly, family is everything and if you have something in common, it’s even better.”

While many stayed for Father’s Day last year, West Virginia people, especially in Martinsburg, were excited to step out and celebrate not only Father’s Day but the state’s 158th birthday as well.

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