Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department Provides Public Safety Update • The Malibu Times

Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station Lt. Chad Watters provided a traffic and safety update to City Council on April 25.

Deputies last weekend carried out road safety enforcement operations targeting the pop-up car show that takes place every weekend in the mall parking lots around Cross Creek Road. The gatherings of cars have caused road safety problems, drawing huge crowds, causing traffic jams, noise and taking up all the parking spaces businesses need for their customers.

Deputies wrote 49 citations for speeding and racing. One of the vehicles was towed. Nine of them were cited for noisy exhaust and were sent to the “Traffic Referee” who determines whether their exhaust system should be replaced or remodeled.

To help Malibu Village mall owners approach car shows, the Malibu-Lost Hills resort is working on signs to inform the public that the California Vehicle Code will be enforced in the parking lot.

Common parking violations that occur during car shows include parking in a fire lane, parking in a handicapped space, failure to register, modified exhaust, and failure or improper display license plates.

The department also carried out a crosswalk and traffic safety operation for pedestrians and cyclists, which resulted in 46 citations for refusing to yield, five for cellphone use, one for dangerous speed and one for driving without a license. .

The department issued 914 citations in the past month, including 316 for dangerous speeds. The Malibu/Lost Hills station also continued to mitigate the large number of RVs parked overnight in Malibu. In the coming month, MPs will carry out operations targeting beach/vehicle thefts

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