Make sure you know your car parts

When you have an accident, you probably think more about how quickly you can get your car back than the quality of the parts the bodybuilder will use to fix your vehicle.
Usually, you also just go to the repair shop indicated by your insurer and don’t think too much about what parts need to be repaired rather than just having a complete replacement.
The implementation of the draft guidelines by the Competition Commission on July 1 will give you much more control over these kinds of decisions.
It also means, however, that you need to pay more attention to the parts that are fitted to your vehicle.
“We strongly support the new directives of the Competition Commission for the automotive aftermarket sector and the opportunity to open up the engine body repair sector, in particular to allow greater freedom of choice. consumers, ”said Richard Green, National Director of Collision Repairers South Africa. Association (Sambra).
Green said the guidelines are very much in favor of the consumer and clearly dictate that the insured customer has the right to choose their service provider based on the customer’s past experience.
“After all,” he said, “isn’t that the preferred way we all choose who to do business with? This is a very important step to increase transparency and allow consumers to choose body repairs for their motor vehicles. “
But there are pitfalls. Here are three key things you should be aware of:
• If your vehicle is insured and under OEM warranty, choose an OEM approved auto body repairer (MBR). If an unapproved MBR replaces a part of your vehicle that it purchases from an OEM designated dealer, that vehicle’s warranty will be suspended until a thorough post-repair check has been performed by an OEM. agent appointed by OEM. If they find that the repairs are not up to standard, they can permanently suspend the warranty in the repaired area.
• Whether your car is in or out of warranty, demand that all safety critical parts be replaced with an original item. These would include everything related to the suspension and braking systems as well as the steering mechanism. Avoid using unaccredited repairers who might try to use inferior parts. This leaves you exposed and with a vehicle that may be less safe and of reduced value.
• Even after July 1, all responsible insurers will need to ensure that your vehicle is sent to an OEM approved MBR if it is still under warranty.
“Be sure to state this in any policy document you sign with your broker or insurer and avoid any insurer that does not agree to these conditions,” Green concluded.

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