Letter: Support for the formation of a transport authority

Please join my family and me in supporting the formation of the Eagle Valley Regional Transportation Authority with your “yes” vote on November 8th. Those of us who live here year-round have the opportunity to help create a better-connected community with a more inclusive and cohesive transportation system. A regional transportation authority will allow our region to approach transit and transportation more holistically across the valley. It will become easier to get around the 50-mile-long corridor we call home with public transit that works together between our communities and can get us from point A to point B.

Without the formation of a regional transport authority, it will be as if nothing had happened. We will not benefit from a coordinated system between our cities and the unincorporated areas of Eagle County. With the increase in traffic, the time has come for our region to equip itself with a transportation system adapted to our various needs and on which we can count all year round to move our population and its many guests. This initiative is one of the greatest opportunities for a collaborative approach to help solve a challenge we all face. It is a new way of approaching the problems of our region. It took a lot of effort to pull yourself together and get to this point. Get on the bus and be part of the solution: please support the formation of the regional transport authority and help ensure a more sustainable future for our region.

Pedro Campos
Eagle Vail

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