Let’s talk about a missing rooster, transportation planning and barefoot


There have been no recent sighting reports of our wayward subdivision rooster retreating against the woods along the so-called “six-foot ditch” of Houma. I called the area “Wright Avenue”, but I was informed that Wright is not really close to the woods. Central and Duval are better points of reference.

One reader had named the rooster “Drew” for his athleticism and black and gold coloring. He may be alive and well, just foraging for food in a different location, but it is possible that he fell victim to a pack of coyotes seen in those woods near Central and Duval.

If you have any information on Drew, the coyotes, or any other interesting creature in your neighborhood, call or write.

Planning meeting: The policy committee meeting of the Houma-Thibodaux (breathe) metropolitan planning organization is scheduled for July 22. It will be held at the offices of the South Central Planning and Development Commission, 5058 West Main St., Gray.

Lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m. with the business portion of the meeting starting at noon. Planner Josh Manning said the meeting brought together representatives from law enforcement, government, business and ordinary citizens to discuss issues such as traffic control. Agendas and other relevant information are posted on the DFO website, htmpo.org. It’s free and the public is welcome. Contact Joshua Manning at [email protected] or 851-2900 for more information.

Bill Ellzey:Discussion at the table and local wildlife

Novice? It seemed like a good idea at the moment. I could hear the garbage truck coming in and I had neglected to put a big batch of trash in our garbage when I pushed it out onto the sidewalk Thursday night.

I hadn’t put my shoes on, but the truck was at a house and time was running out. I rushed down our paved driveway, a box of trash in hand, and found invisible bits of gravel and sand sticking and stabbing the soles of my bare feet.

I made the delivery and went inside, stumbling painfully. Obviously, wearing socks and shoes indefinitely doesn’t harden the soles of my adult feet.

Rules: When I was growing up on the family farm in Natchitoches Parish, shoes were mandatory from Halloween to Easter. I couldn’t wait to go barefoot, but the rules were the rules. I envied the brothers who took the bus that served our dirt road and were always barefoot, their soles so strong they could walk painlessly anywhere, indoors or out.

Oh, to have leather soles like theirs. But my mother didn’t want to move.

The Bayou: The long-gone popular restaurant was located at the Little Bayou Black end of rue Lafayette de Houma when I arrived in Terrebonne in the 1960s. If I remember correctly, it occupied a triangle formed by the Lafayette division on one side. heading north on La. 311 and the other south to Barrow. In any case, a reader is looking for a copy of a Bayou menu, the sort of thing a young woman of the time might keep in a high school album or yearbook. Call or write.

Bill Ellzey:My advice for others plagued by unwanted phone calls

Research? Items like this menu, or a published account of the Fourchon tragedy that drowned several young boys in the 1970s, are likely kept somewhere, but require hours of research in local newspapers on microfilm. I haven’t spent time on such projects recently, but the microfilm is available at the Nicholls State University library and possibly at the Terrebonne Parish Library. Call ahead to find out where files are stored and when they are available.

Lafourche also: I live in Bayou Cane and write this column from home, emailing it to the editors. I know my Houma-Terrebonne neighborhood better, but I am happy to include information on the activities or the history of Lafourche. Let me know by email if I can contribute to a community project.

Reply? Contact Bill Ellzey at 985 381-6256, at [email protected], [email protected], or c / o The Courier, PO Box 2717, Houma, LA 70361.


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