Lamont to lobby for transportation climate initiative at special session – NBC Connecticut

The legislature adjourned without approving the Transportation Climate Initiative, but a special legislative session is giving supporters like Governor Ned Lamont a second chance.

“This may be an opportunity to review some bills that did not receive the attention they deserved in the ordinary session. I would put TCI directly on that list, ”says Lamont.

Lamont says he plans to push the legislature to include the Transportation Climate Initiative in the special session.

“I remember the transport climate initiative is always something important if you care about the climate. If you care about the environment and want to discourage large tractor-trailers and cars from driving more and more on our roads, ”explains Lamont.

The legislation, which Republican lawmakers said would increase the cost of gasoline by about 5 cents a gallon, died because it was not popular. That would create a carbon cap on transportation emissions in the state, but opponents backed down, calling it another tax.

“Well, I think it’s a double cross and I think the message got across,” said Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly.

Kelly says taxpayers haven’t had a single day of relief from tax increases because the legislature passed a tax on truck mileage.

“Middle-class families in Connecticut need a break,” says Kelly.

Kelly says the budget is balanced without tax increases, so he thinks the mileage tax and the Transportation Climate Initiative are just a drain on money.

“We have deployed all over the state of Connecticut and brought this issue to the people and I think people have been saying loud and clear that they will not be raising taxes on gasoline,” Kelly said.

Kelly says only three states have joined the regional initiative.

“As long as the wind from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey doesn’t do the same as us, it won’t really benefit our people,” Kelly says.

Lamont does not agree.

“This is a small fee for petroleum wholesalers. I think that makes sense, ”he says.

He added, “If the legislature doesn’t want to deal with it, that’s their call, but I’m pushing. ”

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