Lake Of Kalandra Mirrored Tablets Won’t Become A Core Mech When League Ends

The ongoing Kalandra Lake League in Path of Exile will end soon. Additionally, the Mirrored Tablets and Lake feature in League will not become a core mechanic in POE once completed. Grinding Gear Games also informed players that all “existing mirror tablets will be removed” when the league ends, so now would be a great time to use them.

The developers updated fans via a blog post on the POE website, initially referring to the Kalandra League being “extended for a few weeks”. As of now, there’s no end date for Kalandra, but Grinding Gear will announce the exact time soon. What is clear is that the League mechanism is abandoned “for now”, making the ever-changing lake disappear for as long as possible. The developers say they “may bring back the Kalandra Lake Mechanic in some form in the future”, but they have no current plans for that.


Player reception to news on the blog is a mix of “RIP Kalandra”, “I thought building the tablets was fun” and “this league has really killed the hype and intrigue behind Kalandra’s iconic mirror and who is that character.” One made an important point about the lack of another core mechanic addition, urging the developers to revive “some of the old ones in the next league.” Some bitterly mentioned how Kalandra’s mechanic “wasn’t up to par” and was “only fun when you get what you need”.

Anyway, most players were unhappy with the Kalandra League overall. The League has suffered from the backlash of players and efforts to reconcile everything. Hopefully the next big league trumps what Kalandra presented.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones, news editor
Anthony Jones is a video game journalist and late 90s kid who loves retro games and the evolution of modern gaming. He started at Mega Visions as a reporter covering the latest announcements, rumors, and fan-made projects. FFXIV has its heart in the MMORPG scene, but it’s still happy to analyze and waste hours in ambitious and ambiguous MMOs that players follow.

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