Korean registry launches class notation for safe shipping of electric vehicles

Korean Register (KR) has developed a new class rating for the safe shipping of electric vehicles, following its collaborative research with major Korean shipping companies and shipyards.

The new class notation, called “AFP-C(EV)”, was developed following cooperation with Korean shipyards and a joint research project conducted last year with Hyundai Glovis and G-Marine Service which aimed to develop safety measures for vehicle carriers transporting electric vehicles.

With an increasing number of electric vehicles carried on vehicle carriers and some recent, high-profile on-board fires, the maritime industry’s interest in fire safety for such voyages has increased significantly.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other related organizations have highlighted the need to develop safety rules for shipping electric vehicles. However, detailed regulations are still under discussion and so far no realistic guidelines have been issued.

The new “AFP-C(EV)” developed by KR will be awarded to vehicle carriers that meet specific requirements related to fire detection and extinguishing installations, and the rating will reflect realistic safety requirements.

“Our newly launched class rating will help improve safety on board ships carrying electric vehicles. KR will continue to provide high quality technical services and contribute to maritime safety using the results we have gained through our collaboration with the maritime industry,” said KIM Yeontae, Executive Vice President of the Technical Division of KR.
Source: Korean register

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