Kentucky transport crews brace for widespread lightning frost and icy roads

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – As temperatures drop well below zero, the risk of flash frost in the region is likely.

“If you can stay home and work that would be better. If you can’t, please leave very early for your destination, ”said Natasha Lacy, public information officer for the Kentucky Department of Transportation Cabinet.

His department expects widespread ice to begin to form in the Commonwealth this evening.

“We will have teams and contractors who show up later today to fill all their trucks with salt. Make sure we have chainsaws ready because with thick ice limbs usually break and fall on the roads, ”Lacy said.

Their crews are responsible for everything, including falling debris and black ice. Lacy says they are handling the upcoming event to impact the roads the same, if not worse, than the blizzard earlier this week.

“They will work overnight monitoring conditions and salting. If this is an area where it’s possible to salt because it’s still raining, the flash frost is supposed to start, ”Lacy said.

This is what makes this situation difficult to deal with as the rain washes away the salt, so the crews must be diligent.

“Even with temperatures above zero and we’re going to be below zero, so there is some possibility that we have a lot of black ice engine plates. You have to know that you really shouldn’t go out tonight. “said Lacy.

Authorities say if you have something to do, like shopping for groceries or buying medicine, try to deal with it before sunset, as conditions will deteriorate afterwards.

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