Kansas City, Missouri Mom Donated New Car After Vehicle Theft

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – A stranger’s act of kindness helps a pregnant Kansas City mother in need get a new set of wheels for her family.

Dalynn Moore’s car was stolen after leaving it on I-435 following a flat tire.

The police found his car a few days later, but his car could no longer be driven, devoid of all major parts.

In addition to losing her car, she also lost her job because she did not have reliable transportation.

FOX4 shared their story last week and a local car owner said he saw the story and wanted to help.

“When you broadcast it, when she was sitting there, saying she lost her car and was pregnant and was passing by, as you can see, I have daughters too, I know there aren’t too many people going to get up and do anything for anyone here, ”said Desmound Logan, president and founder of Cash Cars KC.

Cash Cars KC buys old and unwanted cars and rehabilitates them. Logan said it was also their way of cleaning up devastated neighborhoods.

Since 2015, the company said it has donated more than 20 cars to families in need, like Moore.

“You know, it makes me feel good. The fact that my whole family was here and the fact that I made a few phone calls to other guys who want to feel good about the situation. It just makes you feel good to bring more people together and raise more awareness to help people who are down, ”Logan said.

Moore was surprised by the car on Monday afternoon in his apartment.

“I just felt like I wasn’t going anywhere, it was really disheartening, but I’m actually happy now. There are really good people out there,” Moore said. “I was. down for a few weeks and all, now I feel a lot better. Christmas is coming and merry Christmas to me.

Logan hopes this will inspire others to help those in need.

“It’s nothing to me to just make someone’s day better, that’s what it is about,” Logan said. “The day you were born and the day you go away, there’s a dash between that. That’s the part you really have to live for, that dash.

After finding an available car, Logan says he was assisted by All A’s Auto and Cali Tires to make the necessary repairs in order to deliver the car.

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