Jobs Available: PennDOT Hiring Mechanics, Snowplow Operators

MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — There’s already a chill in the air, and it won’t be long before it starts snowing across the entire tri-state area.

PennDOT has almost everything it needs to plow the roads this winter: salt and equipment. Now he just needs people.

“No matter how understaffed or challenged our team is, rest assured, PennDOT is ready this year,” said Tony Goreski, PennDOT’s Highway Maintenance Manager in Delaware County.

Currently, PennDOT is short of 100 to 110 CDL-licensed truckers who can drive snowplows in the Philadelphia metro area.

The agency also needs 10 mechanics to repair broken down trucks.

“We’re seeing a lot of operator requests across the board,” Goreski said. “Truckers in general are an industry that is experiencing a shortage.”

PennDOT hopes more people will apply so they can clear all roads in a timely manner, but given the situation, they are asking residents to be patient as there may be a delay in clearing side streets.

“In situations where we don’t have enough operators, we can also use employees from other counties, neighboring counties, to come and help us if possible,” Goreski said.

PennDOT raised the salary to attract more applicants. Truck driver work pays about $18 to $20 per hour, and mechanic work pays about $20 to $25 per hour.

“Time will tell if it was effective or not,” Goreski said. “We hope for the best from that side.”

PennDOT also plans to hold several career fairs next month.

If you want to apply for open positions, go to, click on “open positions”, then “open to the public” and search for PennDOT.

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