Japanese Auto Exe beautifies the Mazda CX-8

Japanese tuning company Auto Exe just unveiled an eye-catching styling kit for the Mazda CX-8giving the SUV a new avant-garde look that is far more aggressive than the standard design.

The package consists of five key design elements. These start at the front where Auto Exe has developed a new front spoiler that transforms the Mazda’s fascia. Further adding to the SUV’s striking new front end is a redesigned hood with prominent black horizontal slats.

Auto Exe’s changes continue to the sides of the CX-8 with a set of aftermarket wheels and window wind deflectors. To complement the changes, a few changes have been made to the rear of the Mazda, including the piano black diffuser and the bold spoiler that extends from the roof.

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A stainless steel exhaust system has also been developed for Mazda CX-8. The tuner is also developing new suspension components, an improved intake and enlarged brakes. These additional parts are expected to be unveiled in early 2023.

All of the above parts can be purchased individually. Prices start at 23,650 yen ($161) for the side wind deflectors and go up to 85,800 yen ($584) for the rear diffuser, 85,800 yen ($584) for the rear spoiler, 90,200 yen ($615 $) for the front grille and 90,200 yen ($615) for the front chin spoiler.

While we’re in no doubt these accessories will be a bit too bold for some CX-8 ownerswe’re sure they’ll appeal to those who want to flex with other parents after school.

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