Innovation in intelligent transport in Taiwan

TAIPEI, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As an integral part of civilization, transportation is an important part of technological transformation. Smart parking and augmented reality (AR) navigation are two aspects of transportation that are being discussed around the world. Given Taiwan strong technological base, it has also integrated these new concepts and developed its own business models in transport.

Taipei Navi – Station Indoor AR Navigation

Usually, drivers spend a lot of time looking for parking spaces. Not only is this time consuming and frustrating for drivers, it also produces avoidable greenhouse gas emissions. In response, the Tainan government launched Tainan Smart Parking App and installed geomagnetic sensors in parking spaces to obtain real-time information on roadside parking. With the help of the smart parking system, drivers can save 15.09% of parking time. Even better, it could reduce CO2 emissions by 14.97% per city.

So far, 70% of parking spaces, or 8,400 out of 12,000, in Tainan City have been included in the smart parking platform. With the management platform, the turnover rate of parking spaces along the main roads increases by 19.2%. Additionally, more than 10,000 users use the smart parking app, which has been rated 4.4/5 on the App Store.

In terms of navigation, major stations have implemented AR navigation services that help identify users’ surroundings by comparing real-time images from their camera against an online image database. The taipei government launched the Taipei Navi App to provide indoor AR navigation in Taipei Station. The Taipei Navi app connects users’ Bluetooth to popular beacons located inside the station. It uses users’ camera to provide AR services and prevents them from missing their trains. The app enhances travelers’ shopping and travel experiences in Taiwan and has since been exported to Singapore and Saint Vincent.

In summary, Taiwan’s intelligent transportation industry has a bright future and is dedicated to improving the lives of millions of people through technological development.

About Taiwan Bureau of Industrial Development, Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been managing the Smart City Taiwan project since 2018. Smart City Taiwan aims to use all types of smart technologies (such as IoT, Big Data, and AI) to effectively integrate the local, industry and civil needs. The project accelerates collaboration and integration between cities and towns to stimulate local and national innovation. To date, Smart City Taiwan has rolled out 224 projects covering six major aspects, including agriculture, education, health, transportation, tourism, and governance.

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