Iconic Uralla Pie Mechanic Bakery Reopens Under New Management, Receives Huge Support | L’Express Armidale

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URALLA’s infamous Pie Mechanic has reopened with new owners, and excitingly for bakery fans, “original mechanic” Phil Tutt is back with all the old recipes that made him so successful. familiar name. The bakery closed several months ago, leaving a nasty taste in some people’s mouths, but luckily for them, Adam Hayes stepped in to keep the bakery – and its brand – alive. “The Pie Mechanic is an iconic brand of NSW, so with its closure there was a decrease in trade in Uralla and I saw an opportunity to revitalize the brand and reopen,” he said. “I think the brand is holding up, especially with Phil’s involvement, the pies are going to be very similar to what they were originally if not better.” READ ALSO: Considering Mr Tutt’s return and the fact that Mr Hayes grew up in Uralla, the town did support the new management. Mr Hayes said the support had been immense and other local businesses were more than happy to help. “The reception has been astronomical, the local business community has been extremely supportive, especially with places like Dale’s Downtown Meats that have really embraced it,” he said. He said they strive to do things with a point of difference and make more products the house way, right down to making their own milkshakes syrups. Although he moved abroad and even lived in England for several years, Mr Hayes said it made him proud to own his own little slice of Uralla. “I’m really excited, we have a very good team behind us, we are focusing on developing their skills,” he said. “We have everything from after-school kids to a brand new baker, Sam Craven, on site who makes amazing baked goods.” We’ve definitely built a team that provides much superior customer service to go along with the pies. ”Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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