Henderson man says mechanic won’t return car after promising to fix it a year ago

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Henderson man told 8 News Now he was at his wit’s end after experiencing what he calls a “nightmare” with a local mechanic.

Aaron Schlivka said he dropped his car off at Duaine’s Automotive for repairs in November 2021 and even paid part of the price he was offered, but didn’t get it back.

“I just want the car back,” Schlivka told 8 News Now.

After a year of unanswered questions, he says he’s fed up with the situation.

“I left many messages,” Schlivka explained. “Letters on the door.”

He said he took his 2018 Hyundai Tucson to Duaine to get a new engine and paid $5,000 off a $7,000 bill up front. Now, he told 8 News Now, the business owner just won’t call him back and he doesn’t appear to be open.

“About 3 months ago, just radio silence,” Schlivka said. “The doors are locked.”

“We just don’t have time for that,” he added of his family’s struggles around the situation. “My daughter lives with me with my grandson, we are a one-vehicle family now.”

Schlivka also added that he was still making monthly installments on the vehicle and could not complete this year’s registration because it was not in his possession.

8 News Now met Aaron near the store on Friday and called the number listed for Duaine Online, who said he was no longer in service.

As the location appeared inaccessible, the 8 News Now press crew was interrupted by Henderson police, who said the business owner called them after seeing the crew on his home’s cameras. building and asked them to stay off his property.

“I don’t expect the car to be any better than when I dropped it off,” Schlivka said. “But I just want to move on.”

He doesn’t know where to go from here, but Schlivka said he’s ready to do anything to get back what’s his.

“I’m ready to settle, I was ready to pay him the money I owe,” he concluded. “I’m sure it will be a lot better in the end if he just hands over ownership.”

Schlivka told 8 News Now he tried to file a police report in a bid to get his car back, but officers told him it was a ‘business dispute’ and he was therefore considered a civil matter.

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