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Q: The 2004 Volvo S60 is greyish green and I had three engine problems.

This happens when the engine is hot. After a short stop (like racing) the engine will start, but it will run very roughly. After that, when you start to drive, no matter how much you press the accelerator pedal, you will not be able to move the car at speeds of 20mph or more.

The check engine light comes on and the message “Engine performance is poor” is displayed.

When stationary, the engine booms when set to neutral.

I managed to get the car home three times, and the next morning the engine runs fine, although the engine check lights and performance warnings are still on.

Eventually the lights and warnings will go out, so don’t take it to the mechanic. What are you teaching?


A: I recommend taking it to Mechanic John.

I love it when I can’t go over 20mph and when the engine spits out the dashboard displays an informational message that the engine is not running well. Yes of course!

But that’s why going to the mechanics is essential, John. Each time the check engine light comes on, the fault code is recorded on the car’s computer.

Using a scan tool, the mechanic can read the stored code and find out exactly why the check engine light came on.

I’m assuming your electric throttle module has failed.

The accelerator is a mechanism attached to the accelerator pedal that regulates the amount of fuel and air delivered to the cylinder.

In the past, the accelerator was connected to the accelerator pedal by a cable.

But now it is done electronically. An electronic signal informs the ETM of the exact position of the accelerator pedal, which operates the servomotor to open and close the throttle.

Volvo had the problem that the ETM contacts were worn out, causing the exact symptoms you describe, John. They have extended their ETM warranty to 200,000 miles.

Unfortunately for you, it’s 10 years or 200,000 miles, so you’re about 7 years late getting to your mechanic. Watch out for John the next time you ignore the check engine light.

Either way, after you have scanned the car and confirmed that the problem is with the ETM, you can call the Volvo dealer and ask if you are entitled to assistance in fixing the car. They might tell you to mash Swedish meatballs, but it’s worth asking.

Then compare the repair price at the dealership with the independent Volvo garage and choose the cheapest one.

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