Guess anyone can be the best auto mechanic for just $ 2.99

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I might be screaming into the void here, but I’m sure a lot of you love cars and don’t understand all the mechanics of a vehicle. And it’s ok. We’re not all born out of our mothers’ wombs with keys in hand and a need to take everything apart, just to put it back in place.

Granted, I’m not technologically inept when it comes to cars, but I’m not really the scholar like Jason torchinsky Where David tracy That is. On my garage achievement list: I once saved a friend’s pickup truck in Detroit with my MacGyvering skills (drunk and in the middle of the night). I still do occasional oil changes and basic maintenance on my car and motorcycles. I also helped tear off the top ends of my engines when my GM vehicles hit that magical mileage that always leads to a head gasket leak. I can do stuff, but leave me alone too long, there’s always a 50/50 chance that I’ll find out or potentially destroy something.

If you are in the same situation, maybe you too, appreciate anything that will allow you to deepen your knowledge without losing your only means of transport. Let me introduce you to something that could perhaps broaden your horizons: the Auto mechanic simulator.

In this game you are the car buyer, mechanic, paint technician, and salesperson, which in most dealerships are all separate jobs, so good luck juggling that job!

You basically start the game by fixing a lot of old cars found in a barn, looking like Honda’s, whose names have obviously changed to avoid licensing (speaking of you, very obvious Honda CRX whatever the name is). Once in your parking lot, you will polish the rust, repaint, then take care of the “guts”.

The slightly beneficial aspect of this game is the repair part, where you learn to identify, disassemble, buy and reassemble parts on the vehicle. correctly. You can’t just delete a part. There is a sequence in the process. If you need to replace any part of the exhaust, you should remove the necessary parts to install them properly. Need to replace the air filter? You will need to remove the air filter cover first.

You can even switch between cars completely together or apart to better see where something is going or what needs to be taken care of.

Image from article titled I Guess Anyone Can Be The Best Auto Mechanic For Just $ 2.99 Plus Tax

For those of you who are pure reducers and good at your hands, you are light years ahead of many of us, and this game is likely to bore or irritate you. But for others, it gives a glimpse of how things fit together in cars. Lather, Rinse, and Repeat Repairs provides enough repetitions to help you basically remember which parts go where, because we know it differs from model to model. And the best part, it’s an inexpensive way to gain perspective and insight without having to make a major investment in tools and a bucket of orange scrub.

This version was originally released for Switch in 2019, so it’s by no means a new game. In fact, other gaming platforms like Steam, XBox and PlayStation also offer versions of the game. XBox goes even further by presenting Mark simulators to work on vehicles like Porsche and Dodge.

It is not meant to be an exciting game. I’m sure if you were to actually bid on cars and had deadlines for repairs or other weird accidents (like pinching your finger between the car and the airlift …) maybe it would spice up things. But it’s meant to be a game, kind of like a puzzle, where you “work” on a car. And maybe, you learn a bit in the process.

Let’s be realistic. You’re not going to be the best auto mechanic ever, as the game claims, but you’ll at least be worthy of your title in Nintendo’s digital realm, and maybe that’s enough.

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