Gallery: Random Road Worlds Technology

I had big plans to access the bikes used at the World Championships and bring you an in-depth look at the star bikes and those you may not have heard of. Unfortunately, plans don’t always work.

The relatively small size of Wollongong and surrounding towns has pushed hotel and rental prices higher than any of the nearby hills. So, in turn, several teams were forced to get creative with where they stayed and trained. Several national teams have stayed in Wollongong itself, in a wide range of hotels, serviced apartments and caravan parks. Some, like the Belgians and Danes, were only a short drive along the coast. The Italians and Brits chose isolation, a good hour’s drive west and up the hill. And then there were the Canadians and a few others who were a long way from Sydney, about an hour and a half north.

On race day there were strict media controls on who had access and who did not. My press pass wasn’t quite the backstage pass I was used to having, and I was often hijacked and pulled away from the bikes by race officials. I’m not complaining – well, at least I had a press card! – but rather to say why we don’t have, as expected, wonderful tech galleries showing the bikes of the women’s peloton, the brands you’ve never heard of, the bikes used by rising stars in the junior categories, and the traveling toolboxes of race mechanics.

I openly admit that there is not much cohesion in this gallery. In many ways, it’s a bunch of photos of ideas I was planning on developing that didn’t work out. But even if it’s a bit of a random mess, it would be a shame to keep it all to myself.

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