DVIDS – News – Richmond Native Retires From US Navy After 26 Years Of Loyal And Dedicated Service

After 26 years of loyal and dedicated service, a native of Richmond, IN, who served as a senior enlisted adviser for his command, retired from the United States Navy on April 29.

Philip Joseph Zettel, Navy Construction Senior Chief Engineer (Seabee) and 1996 graduate of Richmond High School, earned an Associate of Arts degree in Social Sciences from Tidewater Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Management Human Resources from Regent University.

Prior to his retirement, he was accepted into the Veterans Local Government Management Scholarship Skills Bridge Cohort to begin a career in public management as he looks forward to a career as an elected official.

The Skill Bridge Cohort is an innovative program that provides transitioning military members with vocational training and practical experience in the civilian workforce. The professional development offered through the program prepares candidates for a smooth transition to meaningful civilian careers. Participating companies benefit from access to the best and brightest transitioning service members, while developing a more comprehensive understanding of the veteran labor market.

At his job in the Navy, he was the senior enlisted chief and operations chief petty officer at Navy Expeditionary Medical Support Command (NEMSCOM), Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, VA. The name of the command has since been changed to Naval Medical Readiness Logistics Command, led by CAPT Robert C. Morrison.

During his tour, he drove the implementation of current Navy policy and procedures while leading teams that repositioned Navy expeditionary medical assets.

NEMSCOM ensures that combatants have access to world-class medical care facilities. All over the world, where combatants place boots on the ground, expeditionary deployable medical systems are positioned there to meet their medical needs. These field hospitals provide definitive health care in theatre. Tent facilities are easily adaptable, capability-based modules that can be adapted to meet a multitude of mission requirements. This is where doctors, nurses, hospital staff and all medical and support staff stand ready to provide the highest level of life-saving, world-class medical assistance to all military personnel. on the theatre.

NEMSCOM has also been instrumental in responding to the global threats of COVID-19. NEMSCOM provided mission-capable medical facilities to Naval Base Guam and USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71) during the height of the COVID outbreak that crippled operations on the ship. NEMSCOM also sent 10 Navy Hospital Corpsmen to New York to support COVID mitigation efforts. Zettel’s advice was essential to the success of these missions.

“I was responsible for the personal and professional development of sailors in the command and advised the commander on tactics, techniques and procedures for operating in an expeditionary environment,” Zettel said. “I participated in the humanitarian cleanup efforts after Hurricane George in Puerto Rico and Hurricane Mitch in Honduras. I was the tool room mechanic and single-handedly supplied the battalion with chainsaws, generators, salvage saws, and all other gas-powered hand tools needed to complete the mission.

Prior to NEMSCOM, Zettel was hand-picked by the Area Type Commander as the Maintenance and Materiel Management (3MC) Coordinator, and assigned to staff duty at Naval Expeditionary Combat Command, Virginia Beach, VA. A type commander is usually the senior officer responsible for overseeing personnel, training, logistics, maintenance, and other support to ships, aircraft, and units.

When he spoke about the most important efforts he made to the Navy during his career, he was humble as he offered his response.

“During my tour at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group in September 2004, I worked as the chief mechanic of the ‘Green Team’ High Speed ​​Assault Craft. I was embedded into Navy SEAL teams as a combat engineer, mechanic and equipment operator during multiple deployments to Afghanistan, he explained. “During this period, I was involved in special operations programs and led the command of the Special Operations Command in Afghanistan on various selected routes in the country.”

As he prepares to complete his military service, Zettel reflected on why he joined the Navy and the impact his service had on his life.

“At NEMSCOM, I feel I have identified and provided information to overcome gaps and misaligned policies to better align Navy expeditionary medical facilities. With the needs of combatant commanders in mind, we have provided critical lifesaving care to Special Warfare Operators, our fellow Seabees, Marines and Sailors during humanitarian and operational missions,” he said, highlighting the critical missions around the world.

“I joined the Navy to see the world and got to see Okinawa, Sasebo, Yokosuka and Iwakuni in Japan; Korea, Puerto Rico; Honduras; Afghanistan; Guam; Hawaii; Spain; and many cities in the United States. Additionally, the Navy has provided me with an exceptional education and experience that allows me to continue supporting our great nation. For that, I am grateful and proud to be a sailor in the United States Navy.

Date taken: 29.04.2022
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