Dune Mechanic: Surviving the Steampunk Era is Weapon Freak’s Playground

“Dune Mechanic: Survive the Steampunk Era” is a story of creative ingenuity. You end up crashing in the desert in the middle of the steampunk era.

You have very little food and water. You have almost no resources, and unless you can magically spawn a new plane, the only way to return to civilization is to repair your plane.

Double-barreled action against a robot zombie. Image by ‘Dune Mechanic.’

Although repairing a damaged aircraft may not sound too bad for an experienced pilot who is also a mechanical genius, repairing it without the proper parts and equipment is quite a difficult task. As a player, you must explore your surroundings, find food and water first, then set up shelter.

Once you’ve sorted out the basic necessities, it’s time to start exploring and scavenging for resources. As you explore, you will find resources to start researching and developing tools, weapons, equipment, factory modules, and eventually engine parts and fuel.

Parts of machinery and equipment. Image by ‘Dune Mechanic.’

As you progress, you must mine the necessary resources, strengthen your base defenses, and gather the equipment and factories you’ll need to build everything for a plane to fly you out of the desert.

The mechanical killer robots will do whatever they can to sabotage your operation and steal your belongings, so keep a watchful eye out for robots looking to be smashed to bits! Your only limits are the resources you can find and your imagination.

With the right tools, the right resources and a bit of creative ingenuity, anything is possible!

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