Duchesne County businesses miss thousands after series of thefts

DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah — You can find a bit of everything at GT Entreprises in Duchesne.

What Guy Taylor found, however, is what makes him so angry.

“They cut the seats right there,” he said, pointing to the inside of his truck. “The battery is gone here too.”

Taylor owns this car repair and towing shop and found that tools, car parts, and a bunch of other items were missing because someone entered his property and stole them.

Car jacks, catalytic converters and tool sets worth nearly $10,000 are gone.

You think your fence and all that would be secure enough, but no, it’s not. If they want to come in, they will come in,” he said. “You really feel violated.”

He’s not the only business owner in this field to feel this.

The Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office said it reported twelve cases of theft since March 1.

Detectives aren’t sure if the cases are related but have posted photos of a man they’d like to interview on their Facebook page.

These images come from surveillance cameras that some business owners had on their property.

“Most of them are in this type of business or related, you know?” Taylor said. “So they know what they’re looking for. They know where the tools are. They know where this stuff is.

The latest commercial success was last weekend, just down the street from Taylor’s boutique.

Keith Farnsworth, who owns an excavation business of the same name, says he lost nearly $100,000.

“I mean, they stole stuff that I’ve worked for for twenty years. I mean, tools that I seriously bought in high school and rebuilt my first truck with,” he said.

Farnsworth also believes that the person or group of people who did this knew what they were doing.

“We’re doing work right now that I don’t have the tools to do,” he said. “But I signed a contract. What do I do? I have to do it.

It’s not just the losses these business owners face today, it’s also the losses they will face tomorrow.

“Like, I seriously have to turn down jobs because we don’t have the tools to do that right now,” Farnsworth said.

“Hopefully we catch them,” Taylor said.

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