Diesel Mechanic and Social Media Influencer: See How Cummins’ Cowgirl Does Both

It is not uncommon to find people undertaking multiple career paths simultaneously. That said, it would be difficult to fill a vacant position with requirements looking for a mechanic who doubles as a content creator. Step into the Cummins Cowgirl, which is precisely that and about as close to a career paradox as you can get. However, not only did she manage to balance the two extremes, but she did so with an added touch of flair.

Chloe Yonker, known on social media as Cummins Cowgirl, is a social media influencer, content creator and diesel truck mechanic. It certainly wasn’t just a bed of roses for truck and engine connoisseurs. The transition from a regular 9 to 5 year job to an industry that is not generally associated with women has been difficult. Plus, she had to overcome many internal struggles and naysayers to stick with her dream.

Chloe started from scratch, twisting on semi-trucks for a living as she learned all she could through sweat and tears; and now she has her own store and works on her own vehicles. Beneath her charming smile and laid-back personality hides an unwavering determination that enables her to meet any challenge head-on. “I wanted to be independent without working for another company in order to have more freedom as to where I go, who I work with and just create my own brand. “

She was also inspired by the successes of other women entrepreneurs and mechanics on social media. It was the fusion of the two ideas that brought about the next phase of its evolution.

Chloe lives by a mantra “Work hard. Then work even harder. And for her, that comes down to getting creative with a niche and exploring different ways to monetize it. Social media led the way and it didn’t take long for Cummins Cowgirl to start gaining traction for their captivating videos and images and quickly bringing together nearly a million people across all of their platforms.

Although she never worked internationally, her growing popularity transcended borders, and it was only a natural progression to start selling goods to buyers in Mexico, Australia, Turkey, in Sweden and in many other countries.

With her large and ever-growing number of subscribers, her creativity and her ingenuity, she has caught the attention of several brands around the world. This is where it made a new leap in its evolution by becoming a partner of different brands, by aligning marketing / advertising content.

At this point in her journey, she skillfully embodies beauty, intelligence and business force and has made a name for herself.

Through all of her successes, The Cummins Cowgirl has always had one thing: her unwavering authenticity. Her mission is to be a light and to have a positive impact on everyone she meets. “I think being 100% authentic is the most important thing. So much social media is bogus, and it’s a breath of fresh air when someone is just real and genuine, and that’s what I strive to be. It costs zero dollars to be a good person.

In the years to come, Chloe hopes to own a full automotive customization workshop, working on vehicles from multiple customers, especially vintage cars and custom builds. She hopes to impact the younger generation of women and inspire them to achieve their dreams while being a “badass girl” every day.

To learn more about The Cummins Cowgirl, visit her website, or connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Posted on June 26, 2021

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