Democrat Christina Finello says she intends to ‘tell them directly’

Dr Christina Finello answering a question.
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Democratic congressional candidate Christina Finello holds a law degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology. Instead of working for a law firm or health care company, she worked as a public servant in the Bucks County Department of Housing and Human Services.

One way to continue her public service has been to enter the Democratic primary, which will pit her against business owner Skylar Hurwitz in Tuesday’s primary.

Finello, 44, a resident of Ivyland Borough, said her education, work experience and personal journey have taken her to where she is now.

Born in Bristol, Finello said she grew up in a hard-working family. She said her family knew what it was like to be a check against financial ruin and saw her family’s finances improve after her father, now a district judge, got a stable union job and well paid.

Finello, who is a board member in Ivyland, said she wanted a federal government that works for people like her family.

The Democrat’s campaign has focused on improving the economy and supporting measures that help residents of the First Congressional District. She said affordable health care and repairing the student debt system are important to her.

“For me, I am running for Congress to be a voice for the people of this district… the people who make up this county,” Finello said.

Across the district, health care is a major problem for people from all walks of life.

“I’m a firm believer in expanding what works,” she said of healthcare. “It does not help us go back to square one.

Finello said the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is a great place to start, citing the provision that protects people with pre-existing conditions.

Before the Affordable Care Act, Finello was due to have her first child and her family’s new insurance company told her she might not be covered because her pregnancy was considered a “pre-existing condition.” Finello said she was “broken” by the stress of the news. She worried about the impact the unexpected bill would have on her family’s finances.

Further, the candidate indicated that although she expected her mother and father to need surgery within the same month. In her head, she kept thinking about how this could cripple the financial situation of someone without insurance.

“No family or individual should have to choose between this,” she said of choosing between paying a bill or getting medical attention.

If elected, Finello said she would focus on ways to cut personal health care spending and lower prescription drug costs.

One of the main objectives would be to make medical care “aaffordable and accessible, ”she explained.

Finello said she supports adding a public option for people without health insurance.

As the COVID-19 pandemic causes financial hardship across the country, Finello acknowledges that it is having a big impact in the district.

Before the coronavirus, we had many communities in economic difficulty. That’s why I made the economy part of my campaign, ”she said.

With the added perspective of the coronavirus, Finello said she supports additional relief and assistance for families and small businesses.

Continuing frustration for Finello was the Republican-backed tax reform bill that she said benefited the interests of businesses, not families.

On student loan debts, Finello called for expanding loan cancellation programs for workers in public utility jobs. She added that the interest rates on university loans must be lower.

The candidate said she was for the decriminalization of marijuana and for lowering the classification of Schedule I drugs. Although she noted that conversations on the subject need to take place with a large group of stakeholders, citing his work experience in social services.

When asked, Finello said abortion is a “Very personal question” and that “eevery woman has the right to make these decisions without interference.

In explaining how she would present herself to a Republican, Finello said she would “tell them directly.” She believes incumbent Republican MP Brian Fitzpatrick does not and “turns into a pretzel” trying to defend support for certain policies, including those backed by Trump.

Finello said she understands that the role of a congressman would allow her to work with different elected officials. She reiterated that her goal would be to “”put families first and work for people.

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